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You Me At Six @ LGoS

Back on tour, fresh from writing and recording a brand new album, You Me At Six revisited the Mountford hall at Liverpool Guild to remind us of their electric on-stage personalities, and their heart-rate raising sound. Having seen the band perform before, I had pretty high expectations, and I think it’s safe to say that I was not disappointed.

The atmosphere in the Mountford was strong and excited as we watched support band VANT perform, raising the energy levels with their weird, wonderful and eclectic sound. Front man, Mattie Vant, oozes charisma, and a weirdly whimsical charm, and the crowd warmed immediately, dancing and jumping along to the beats that the band casually threw at us. We were encouraged to cheer, dance, jump up and down, but most of all, enjoy the show in whatever way felt right to us. Giving an overall message of belonging, VANT were heartwarming and put on a great show.

The madness really began as You Me At Six took to the stage and everyone suddenly wanted to be closer to the stage, to appreciate the action, to sing along, to dance away. This was incredibly high energy, hot and loud. The band played some old favourites and closed on a new single and titular track from the new album, Night People. Everything, right down to the lighting and tech, was flawlessly executed, and the mix of heartbeat raising songs to quieter, more chilled out ones was balanced well, each slower number coming exactly as it needed to.

Hearing the development of their music through the years, including a taste of the upcoming album, made me excited for the new releases, and excited about the prospect of seeing the band perform again. It was obvious that this was undoubtedly their art, and their development as a group is immeasurable. The new track, Night People, is confident and clear, with swift words and lyrics, and promises a great album.

Frontman, Josh Franceschi, spoke about tolerance, and the importance of being who you feel you should be, preaching kindness and confidence to a crowd giving their undivided attention to these words of acceptance. The importance of their influence is clear, and these five Surrey lads clearly wanted to spread an atmosphere of tolerance in a time of political unsteadiness. The entire show felt like a positive showing towards freedom of expression, and it was much appreciated and needed.

This show was fantastic, and the strength of You Me At Six, and VANT as performers can’t be understated. I, for one, am glad I’ve been able to see them perform this winter.

You can catch my interview with them in the upcoming edition of Ellipsis Magazine – keep an eye on our twitter account for details @EllipsisMag

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