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World’s largest Lush store opens in Liverpool

Cruelty-free handmade cosmetics company, Lush, have opened their new store in Liverpool. Labelled as the biggest in Lush’s global enterprise, here is what you can expect to see on your visit:

Upon entering, customers are greeted by a plethora of colours, smells, and flowers (?!) That’s right. Lush’s new Liverpool store doubles up as your inner-city florist with a permanent seasonal florist to meet the needs of every area of home beauty. All flowers are locally sourced, will be sold in their own season, and are wrapped in 100% compostable packaging.

Towards the middle of the store is The HairLab: Lush’s first hair salon. With the availability to book in for hair styling consultations and lavish hair treatments with the choice of 50 new hair products, HairLab is the first of its kind brought to life for a Liverpool population.

Lush’s cruelty-free cosmetics are exhibited in a pristine array of colours, formulas, and products, and can be found towards the left of the entrance on the ground floor. Lush pride themselves on their choice of naked foundations, vegan lipsticks and packaging-free tools and brushes: each taking one small step towards a healthier planet.

Fun fact: The new Liverpool Lush store is 1,380 square meters, covering 3 floors, and enough space to fill it with 9 million bath bombs.

No sushi? No problem. The bath and shower arena (second floor) presents new and innovative ways to display products. From perfume soaked rocks to a bath-bomb belt, testing out potential favourites has never been more exciting.

For those who know that some of Lush’s iconic products include their shower jellies and fun bars will know that Lush have changed the washing-game for the better. The jelly factory located on the second floor brings out the interactive side of customers with the ability to slap the most huge shower jellies you have ever seen.


“Something to twist and shout about” says Lush’s website when describing the treatments available at their top floor spa. The 6 room spa offers bookings from quick stretches, to lengthy massages, or even a pamper party for you and your friends.


To find this and so much more (including cafe, perfumery, music library…) head to:

38-46 Church Street
Liverpool L1 3AW
or explore their website below:
Photo Credit: Rachael Wass

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