Zena Al Maskari

Wise Words of Hemingway

I stumbled upon this quote at a time when I most needed to find it; I felt confused as to what I really want out of my future and where my ambitions (professional and personal) were going to take me. I suppose it could be called a part of growing pains, but it certainly has been a light of inspiration in helping me understand that it’s okay to feel lost sometimes.

I’ve always loved Ernest Hemingway’s writing style: he cuts to the chase, says things how they are but he also makes you think about everything that’s underneath those seemingly simple layers of his work. Hemingway’s motto was that less can certainly be more, and I think that ideal extends beyond the boarders of the pages in which he wrote.

Sometimes in life you already have everything you need to get what you want. It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of masses and the array of characters surrounding you – and sadly it’s somewhat inevitable to find yourself comparing your own situation to others’ and suddenly feeling that what you have just isn’t enough, or even worse: that you aren’t enough.

But really, you are, and what matters most is not what you don’t have but what you can do with everything you do have. Gratitude is as important an ingredient as ambition when forging achievement. I think gratitude and ambition go hand in hand: the former being a reflective feeling helping you understand by what means you are in your current situation, and the latter, being more reflexive, motivating you to progress to another.

The ability to put things into perspective is a skill that can only be garnered with experience, through which you cultivate your mind to approach questions such as “How can I make the best out of a not entirely great situation?” or even better: “How can I really ensure I am living a life I want to be living?” Use your own capabilities and refine your skills to achieve your own goals. Each to their own, as the saying goes.

Sometimes we get in a muddle and lose our footing along our path in life, and that is perfectly acceptable, because essentially you are only going in one direction: forward.

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