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Niamh is an independent candidate who has already attracted attention for her unusually young age for a political candidate. During rehearsals for political play Until They Kick Us Out, her and her fellow cast members invented the Really Sound Party, which inspired McCarthy to enter politics for real. Here is what she has to say about why you should vote for her:

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Students typically have low voting turnouts – what should get us out there to vote for you?

We believe that in this upcoming election it is vital for young people to turn up and have their say. Whether they vote for us or for any other party, it’s just important that young people start engaging themselves politically. However, the reason behind my candidacy is to give young people a voice. All of our policies are based on discussions that we’ve had with other 16-23 year olds, and have tried to include 10 of the most important issues that these people spoke about. If students voted for me, I would try to best represent what they want, and give them the voice in politics that seems to be missing. I am standing as an example to other young people to show them how easy it is to get involved and have a political influence.

What are your priorities for the young people of Liverpool?

My priority is to listen to the young people of Liverpool and bring their issues to the forefront, and make sure that these issues are not ignored or any false promises are made to young people. Our manifesto contains the 10 points that we are currently standing for to benefit young people, and our community in general. They include changes to curriculum control, introducing compulsory political education, more thorough and relevant sex and relationships education, rent caps for students, and a return of EMA.

Tuition fees have been a contentious issue for students since they rose to £9000 per year. What would you like to see happen to them, or to our higher education system as a whole?

Our goal is to see university fees completely abolished as we believe that education should be free. However we understand that this would be a process of working down the fees, and so we would like to see an immediate cut to the fees.

Any parting words for us?

Please go out and use your vote. It is absolutely vital. Even if you don’t vote for us, even if you don’t want to vote for any mainstream party, use your vote. You can spoil your vote and send a direct message that you are unhappy with the political system. Just make sure that you don’t waste this opportunity.

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