Why We Should Vote… Green Party

Peter Cranie is the candidate for the Green Party in Liverpool Wavertree. He re-established the Liverpool Green Party in 2002 which led to the party gaining two council seats. You can follow him on Twitter here.
Peter Cranie, taken from Green Party website.
Students typically have low voting turnouts – what should get us out there to vote for the Green Party?
Every one of us wants a sustainable future for ourselves and the generations that follow. You need political parties that don’t just focus on one or two elections, but care about the long term wellbeing of our society and the climate change challenges we face.
What are your priorities for the young people of Liverpool?
For young people technology has to be key. We live in a technically evolving world, so why can most young person who operate a smart phone to it’s technical limits, yet our education system leaves many unable to gain suitable literacy, technical or mathematical skills to start a career after school. We need to adopt best practice in education from our European neighbours.
Tuition fees have been a contentious issue for students since they rose to £9000 per year. What would you life to see happen to them, or to our higher education system as a whole?
In Scotland and Germany, the political choices made by those governments mean that students don’t have to pay fees. If our government chooses to renew a Trident nuclear weapons system and retain fees at £9000 or £6000, that is a political choice. The Greens offer the positive alternative – scrap Trident, invest in education.

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