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What’s On: December 2018

Winter Markets 

WHEN: Saturday 1st | WHERE: Anglican Cathedral; Hinterlands

Head down today on the very first day of December where there are two winter markets taking place, the first at Liverpool Cathedral, and the second at Baltic venue HinterlandsOpen Culture’s Winter Arts Market is annual tradition at the Anglican, now on it’s tenth year. It’s the North West’s biggest arts and crafts fair, providing a platform for independent creators to showcase their talent. More specifically, over two hundred artists, designers, crafters, vintage sellers and food producers. There will also be a range of food throughout the event, which lasts from 10AM to 7PM.

Details | Tickets: £3 on the door

The Baltic Bazaar, on the other hand, is a new set-up by Constellations sister venue, Hinterlands. Hosted by Red Brick Hangar, which sits next door, the event will also feature a range of independent artists, as well as businesses, vintage and vinyl sellers, staying true to the Baltic Market’s tradition of supporting local, independent businesses and creators. Unlike Open Culture’s market, however, the Bazaar will also feature a live DJ and bar.


Vote 100: Born a Rebel

WHEN: Saturday 1st | WHERE: 24 Kitchen Street

In 1918, Parliament past a momentous act granting the vote to women over the age of 30 who were householders, the wives of householders, and university graduates. Although it only benefited middle-upper class women, it was undoubtedly an enormous step in the right direction. In celebration of this centenary, community-led cinema organisation Cinema For All are hosting an evening of film, music and spoken word.

Taking place in Baltic venue 24 Kitchen Street, the event will include a short film compiled from archive material and depicting the lives of British women over the last 100 years. The second screening will show Ken Loach’s 1966 feature Cathy Come Home, which tackles the issues that mothers, women and the working-class face in the welfare system. There will also be a panel to discuss the development of women’s rights and the necessary demands for progression.

This is just one of many Vote 100 events across the country combining politics and culture to ignite change, movement, and conversation.

Details | Tickets


WHEN: 5th | WHERE: 24 Kitchen Street

Known for its all-girl tunes across a range of genres, from Aretha Franklin to Stevie Nicks, R&B to disco, Exhibitchin’ is a club night specifically made with women and non-binary people in mind. As part of this philosophy, its volunteer collective also aim to showcase Liverpool’s female DJs. On the 5th, these will include Cat Millar, Humble Abode’s Scherbatsky (Abbie Morris) and Melodic Distraction’s Lupini (Nina Franklin).

One of the most important elements of Exhibitchin’, however, are its attempts to raise awareness of and prevent the sexual harassment, violence and verbal abuse that many, particularly women, face on a night out. In addition to promoting its feminist club culture on social media, Exhibitchin’ events provide funding to RASA Merseyside, a charity for survivors of sexual violence.  

Now almost a year old, the renowned feminist club night returns to 24 Kitchen Street for a birthday celebration.

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Helena Hauff

WHEN: 6th | WHERE: 24 Kitchen Street

Drawing influence from acid house, EBM, and industrial, German DJ and producer Helena Hauff is known for her own distinct style of gritty electro-techno. In the last three years, Hauff has produced three albums. The most recent edition to her body of work, 2018’s Qualm, is undoubtedly more stripped back than the layered records of both A Tape and Discreet Desires (the home of praiseworthy track ‘Spurs’) but nonetheless energetic in its own enigmatic way.

As part of her 2018 tour, Hauff graces the floor of 24 Kitchen Street this December.

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The Orielles

WHEN: Friday 7th | WHERE: Invisible Wind Factory; The Jacaranda

Melodic, DIY indie band The Orielles will perform at Invisible Wind Factory following the release of their album Silver Dollar Moment. Despite it being their first, the trio (now a quartet with the addition of keyboardist Alex Stephens) have been on the radar for a few years now, with dreamy yet distorted and ever-so-slightly surreal singles such as ‘Sugar Tastes Like Salt’ gaining rapid popularity. Silver Dollar Moment is an amalgamation of everything that makes up The Orielles, from rhythmic, catchy tracks to obscure film references like ‘Let Your Dogtooth Grow’, a nod to Yorgos Lanthimos’ 2009 film.

Although hailing from Halifax in Yorkshire, the band are more than familiar with Liverpool, and will take to the stage of one of the city’s most iconic venues, Invisible Wind Factory.

Not stopping there, though, the band will head down to The Jacaranda in town for an after party and DJ set. If you’re wondering what to expect, have a look at Henry’s, Esmé’s and Sidonie’s Silver Dollar Moments playlists on The Orielles Spotify for a glimpse at the band’s biggest influences and favourite tunes. Get your tickets for one, the other, or both below.

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DaDaFest International

WHEN: Until 8th | WHERE: Various

DaDaFest International is a biennial event showcasing important work that challenges stereotypes and celebrates disability and deaf cultures in renowned arts venues across Liverpool. Although Merseyside based, DaDaFest incorporates artists from around the world, thus containing a variety of ideas and experiences surrounding disability. Continuing on from the whole of November, the festival’s events and exhibitions will run until the 8th December.

This year, DaDaFest is centered around the theme of ‘Passing: What’s your legacy?’, interpreted as both ageing and the passing of time, as well as death and the legacies we leave. There are numerous exhibitions to still see, including paintings by self-taught artist Jonathan Griffith in Unity Theatre, a joint showcase of portraiture and drawn architecture at Bluecoat and a video installation in St. George’s Hall, depicting an old abandoned morgue.

In addition, there are a handful of one-off events for the remainder of the month, such as a talk at Bluecoat titled ‘Are we in an era post Disability Art?’ and the book launch of Kaite O’Reilly’s The ‘d’ Monologues, a series of plays exploring disability.

These are just some of the many celebrations of art and other work by those who identify as disabled across Merseyside, all of which can be found on DaDaFest’s website (link below).


Paul McCartney

WHEN: 12th | WHERE: Echo Arena

Liverpool legend Paul McCartney will perform at the Echo Arena, undoubtedly filling up the enormous venue, for his Freshen Up Tour.

“There’s nothing like performing in front of your home crowd, especially when it’s been a while.  I can’t wait to finish the year on such a high by partying in Liverpool, Glasgow and London. We’ve freshened up the show since our last time round and we are excited to get to play some of our new songs alongside some of the favourites.” McCartney states in anticipation of the concert.

Although the tour is for McCartney’s recent album Egypt Station, a dazzling amalgamation of modern and retro genres, The Beatles frontman never shies away from his past (and legacy). Fans can expect new singles, solo hits and 60s classics in what will surely be a legendary show in the artist’s home city.


Horse Meat Disco + Sonic Yootha

WHEN: 15th | WHERE: 24 Kitchen Street

Two powerhouses of queer clubbing join together right at the end of the semester for one of the final few events of 2018 at 24 Kitchen Street.

Horse Meat Disco, as the name suggests, are masters and remixers of disco. Bringing the timeless genre into the modern day club scene, the collective combine its classic and soulful elements with the electronic. Typically based in Eagle London, Horse Meat Disco have risen rapidly up the ranks in recent years, touring the UK and performing plenty of DJ sets outside the capital.

Supporting are 24 Kitchen Street’s monthly residents Sonic Yootha, whose mixtapes include everything from staples of pop (Madonna) and indie (The Smiths) to 80s synth-pop (New Order, Depeche Mode) and classic disco (Chic, Chaka Khan). Now at home in the Baltic and a tour with Kylie Minogue under the belts, Sonic Yootha are deservedly becoming a fundamental aspect of Liverpool culture.

In the tradition of queer-centric club nights, both are committed to inclusivity, safety and friendliness, on and off the dance floor. As a result, the fusion of the pair’s different styles and similar philosophies will produce a wonderfully diverse, cohesive night.

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Christmas Cinema

WHEN: 18th – 21st | WHERE: Sefton Park Palm House

As December turns to Christmas, Sefton Park are showcasing a selection of festive films, from classics to family friendly films, in their iconic Palm House. First up is the 1951 version of Scrooge based on Dickens’ classic Christmas novella, whilst later in the week you can watch a very different interpretation – The Muppets Christmas Carol. Another classic to catch is It’s a Wonderful Life, a heartwarming forties fantasy.

Action thriller Die Hard and Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, on the other hand, are offered for anyone who prefers a different genre and a darker version of Christmas. Similarly, if you consider musicals to be the most festive of all films, there is a sing-along to The Greatest Showman on the 19th.

Finally, the ever-popular Christmas comedies Elf and Home Alone will also be screened in the three-tier glass conservatory.

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Featured image by Tom Montrose / @tommontart

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