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What’s on: Chinese New Year 2018

2018 marks the Year of the Earth Dog, something which hasn’t happened in the Chinese Zodiac since 1958! Here’s everything you need to know about Chinese New Year, including all the details about events happening all around Chinatown!

What is the Year of the Earth Dog?

In Chinese mythology, the dog is the eleventh animal of the twelve animals in the Zodiac, with the others being rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster and pig. People born under the dog Zodiac sign tend to be honest, faithful, smart and responsible, and they’re most compatible with people born under the tiger, rabbit or horse signs. Chinese Zodiac signs appear alongside an elemental sign (either wood, fire, earth, metal or water) each year, and in 2018, the elemental sign is earth. The Chinese associate earth with patience, practicality and stability, meaning that people born in 2018 would typically have qualities of both the dog Zodiac sign and the earth elemental sign. There are also plenty of other things people born under the dog sign can look out for too!

Lucky flowers: Rose, Oncidium

Lucky directions: East, West

Lucky numbers: 3, 4, 9

Unlucky numbers: 1, 6, 7

Lucky colours: Green, Red, Purple

Unlucky colours: Blue, White, Golden

What’s going on in Liverpool?

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend to celebrate the Year of the Dog, there’s plenty of things to get up to in Chinatown, the surrounding RopeWalks area and beyond!

Friday 16th and Saturday 17th February will see the Chinese arch, The Black-E and The Arch lit up with a beautiful Lumiere display lasting 12 minutes on a loop between 7:30-8:30pm. The projections, titled Jingwei’s Legacy, follow the story of the Jingwei bird, an ancient symbol of Chinese mythology who was featured in last year’s display. This year’s story focuses on the arrival and development of Chinese communities in Liverpool, and is accompanied by an incredible performance from Liverpool’s very own Hung Gar Kung Fu Friendship Association, featuring a lion dance and an illuminated dragon. Entertainment starts at 7pm on both days, and also features performances from British and Chinese students in traditional Chinese dress as Pagoda Arts, Everyman Playhouse and Liverpool Confucius Institute team up to take part in the celebrations.

Sunday 18th February is main day of celebration for Chinese New Year, and this year celebrations kick off at 11:30am in Great George’s Square, with performances from the Kwong Tam Merseyside School of Tai Chi and Pagoda Arts. Martial arts demonstrations, costume shows, drums and dance workshops follow for the rest of the day, with everyone from the Wah Sing Community Centre Dancers to Liverpool Guild of Students getting involved (a full line up of the day’s events can be found here). Throughout the day, there’ll be street performances, family-friendly workshops, shadow puppets and art installations, while the Chinese market on George Street will keep you stocked up on gifts, souvenirs and amazing Chinese food. Two parades are also happening- a Dragon & Lion Parade (子和) starting at 11:45am at The Black-E, and a Unicorn Parade (獨角獸) starting at 12:15pm on Nelson Street. The day culminates in one last showing of the projection display Jingwei’s Legacy at 6:30pm, followed by a pyrotechnic finale.

If that wasn’t enough, Culture Liverpool have teamed up with First Take and Pagoda Arts to create The Jingwei Legacy Augmented Reality Trail, an interactive trail around Chinatown and the surrounding areas that allows its followers to learn about the Chinese roots of a number of notable people, including a poet, a hip-hop duo, a young visual artist and a marketing manager. By downloading the layAR app, users can follow the trail around Chinatown and scan the images they find, allowing them access to videos where they can meet the people in question, find out about their heritage, and ask themselves ‘What are your roots?’

For more information about Liverpool’s Chinese New Year celebrations, and the China Dream events happening throughout the year, head to

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