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What’s In Your Earphones?- Rachael’s March Playlist

Time has flown and we’re already into the third month of the year. From snow to sunshine, March has seen a range of seasons within the space of about a week even though it marks the start of Spring! With the weather getting warmer, layers getting thinner, and moods becoming happier, this playlist has everything that you need for uplifting spirits and (hopefully) lots of walks in the sun.

*This is also a disclaimer for the overwhelming abundance of (probably) recurring adjectives that aim to describe inexplicable feelings that come along with these floaty songs*

Paradise – George Ezra

Set to release his new album Staying at Tamara’s this month, George Ezra has already released 3 joyous new singles into the music sphere where ‘Paradise’ was the first to grace us. The track can only be described as pure sunshine with glittery riffs and sparkly lyrics leaving it utterly addictive. If this playlist was completely accurate then this song would be the only one featuring… it would also be a bit short.

Surfing in the Sky – The Vaccines

Yet another album anticipated for this month is The Vaccines’ album Combat Sports but this time it is their latest release that I have fallen in love with the most. Surfing in the Sky is an electro-pop tune with the usual vintage sounding vocals, thus matching the iconic sound of The Vaccines that we all know and love. The song itself is fast paced, and with lyrics that encapsulate sunny times, will come in perfect timing for long summer nights and long-awaited post-exam beer gardens.

Not Nineteen Forever – Courteeners

March is my birthday month and I just turned 19. It’s a pretty self-explanatory addition to the playlist but an absolute banger nonetheless.

Other Lives – Hazel English

I’d like to pretend that I found this amazing artist off my own back, but instead she was recommended by an article on Snapchat named “Artists you should listen to depending on your Horoscope”. It would be incredibly wrong for me to suggest that horoscopes are wrong when this one was spot on with my tastes. ‘Other Lives’ opens up the double EP Just Give In / Never Going Home and is just total tranquillity compacted into a song. The guitar is tangy, the drums are light, and the echoed vocals are chilling, making ‘Other Lives’ the perfect song to accompany that warm sun on skin feeling that has started to make an appearance.

Party Tattoos – Dodie

Another female artist that has been on repeat for me this month has been ukulele magician, Dodie. Again, this song is flouncy and perfect for the beginning of Spring and has become the song I play when walking across campus when there is a canopy of clear blue sky. Blissful.

She Changes The Weather – Swim Deep

Anyone familiar with the sound of Swim Deep will be able to see that there’s a reoccurring pattern unfolding here. Catchy riffs and hollow vocals lace the song with a feeling of spring. That, and of course the weather is changing.

Fenn – Tom Rosenthal

Other than the fact this song reminded me of Mika and therefore automatically made me fall in love with it, it contrasts thick piano chords and a deep drum beat with dreamy vocals and dainty lyrics. I have recently become a rather large fan of Tom Rosenthal and would also recommend listening to his song ‘Hugging You’ if you want to feel warm and tingly about love.

Step – Vampire Weekend

I find it hard to get through this song without swaying and smiling because it is so calming and happy. Not many words for this one but trust me it’s good.

Let It Out – Ed Sheeran

I recently re-discovered Ed Sheeran’s 2010 EPs and remembered how wholesome they truly are. Let It Out features a choral acapella interlude that is uplifting making it completely different to most of his songs, and in particular, his most recently released ones.

This Orient – Foals

Reminding me of everything to do with Spring and new life, this song reminds me of fresh starts and happy times. This Orient is both jagged and smoothly glossed rendering it a paradox of a song but a very pretty song indeed.

Feel it Still – Portugal. The Man

Featuring on the new Apple advert, it is hard to encounter this song without it getting stuck in your head for the rest of the day. However, described as a psychedelic-pop band, Portugal. The Man have created a song that encompasses a formula for a song that makes it impossible to forget and impossible to listen to without a mild jig.

Never Forget You – The Noisettes

In my interview with Forrest a few weeks ago (which you can read here), I asked the question ‘What’s your guilty pleasure song?’ This song was one of the replies and I haven’t stopped listening since. It also features in my own playlist named ‘Ultimate Happy Songs’ and I think that pretty much sums the song and the whole playlist up!

You can have a listen to Rachael’s playlist, along with the rest of the fab playlists the Ellipsis Music Team make, over at our Spotify account: ellipisismusicteam.

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    I love this! I’m using as my study playlist while I write an assignment hahaha 🙂

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