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What’s In Your Earphones?- Jess’ November Playlist

I always find November to be a funny month. After the hype of Halloween and with Christmas almost a stone’s throw away* this limbo we find ourselves can feel a bit weird. But with that being said it doesn’t mean we can’t have a banging playlist to soundtrack it all.

[*this doesn’t make it acceptable to listen to Christmas songs. It’s not December yet.]

We Might Be Dead by Tomorrow- Soko

This hauntingly beautiful song is one I stumbled across as it is part of the soundtrack for the amazing TV show The End of The F***ing World. I hadn’t heard much about Soko before I heard this song but as it turns out she features on the equally lovely song No One Else In Mind by Blaenavon and if that’s not enough for you to want to check out her music, I don’t know what will!

I Can’t Change It All- Lucy Rose

I was oh so very lucky to see the talented Lucy Rose perform in the Stanley Theatre at the Guild last weekend, and ever since then I’ve had I Can’t Change It All playing on repeat due to the raw emotion is seems to emit.

Highway Patrol Stun Gun- Youth Lagoon

Taken from Youth Lagoon’s most recent album, Savage Hills Ballroom, Highway Patrol Stun Gun is one of those songs that you instantly fall in love with and is the perfect song to have playing whilst walking back from uni once its gotten dark.

Subterranean Homesick Blues- The Lumineers ft Andrew Bird

It can often be hard to give a song justice when covering it, especially when the artist you are covering is Bob Dylan. However, personally I really enjoy The Lumineers take on the track Subterranean Homesick Blues and would definitely recommend you check it out.

The Hill- Bombay Bicycle Club

It’s always nice to go back and listen to old EPs of your favourite bands, especially if those bands are currently on hiatus. The Hill is taken from Bombay Bicycle Club’s 2007 EP The Boy I Used to Be and is a fabulous piece of indie rock music.

Bad Boy- Dan Croll

Me and Chloe recently went to see that lovely human that is Dan Croll during Liverpool Music Week and since then I’ve been very much in love with both him and his music. He recently released his second album and on it is this gem of a song. Bad Boy is everything you need in a song: upbeat, catchy and dance-able.

(Also i had a great 10 minute phone call with Dan as I walked to uni the other week just saying- we talked about The Wombats, synths and other random things- it was great!)

The Boy With the Arab Strap- Belle & Sebastian

One of the many great things about the Guild is Secret DJ and the ability to chose the music that is played in The Courtyard and The Sphinx. Whenever I’m picking songs I always end up putting on The Boy With the Arab Strap by Belle & Sebastian- don’t ask me why, it’s just a bop!

Love Is Only A Heartbeat Away – Jamie T

Recently Spotify radio has been throwing some really great but emotional songs my way and this is one of them.

Funeral Beds- The Districts

Sometimes you stumble across songs you haven’t heard in ages and honestly it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world when you do. I rediscovered The Districts earlier this month and I am so glad I did because everything they release I love. It was a hard choice between which song of theirs to put on this playlist but in the end I chose Funeral Beds for it is so hard to put into words how good it is as a song.

Jailbird- SHELLS

Big thank you Spotify’s Mellow Pop playlist for bringing this song into my life.

Blood- The Middle East

  1. It still pains me that The Middle East are no longer a band
  2. This is one of the most uplifting songs you will ever hear
  3. All the best bands are from Australia and here is the proof

Lemon To A Knife Fight – The Wombats

My favourite Liverpool band has made a return to the music world by releasing a brand new single and oh my god it’s a banger! I also wrote it a cheeky review here if you want to find out more.

You can have a listen to Jess’ playlist, and all of the amazing playlists our team make, over at our Spotify account: ellipisismusicteam.

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