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What’s in your earphones? – Holly’s January playlist

For most students January means one thing- exams! One positive to revision is that it’s given me loads of time to listen to lots of lovely music. Take a look and see what I’ve been listening to…

Flame- Sundara Karma

I am a very big fan of Sundara Karma and was so happy to see the release of their debut album this month! I first saw them live about a year ago now and I’m so happy to see them doing so well. Myself and dep’ music editor Chloe went to an album signing and acoustic set they did in Liverpool the other week and they were amazing! I think this is probably my favourite song off the album and I can’t wait to see it played live in February.

Matilda- alt-J

alt-J have proved to be such a lovely revision companion for me this month. Joe Newman’s vocals on this are completely spine tingling and I love the acoustic vibes that alt-J’s older songs such as Matilda have compared to some of their more recent, poppy songs, such as Left Hand Free.

Old Pine- Ben Howard

More acoustic loveliness (there’s a theme emerging here!). Old Pine comes from Ben Howard’s 2011 album Every Kingdom which I have been completely rinsing this month. This song in particular is the perfect remedy to a cold and grey January day!

No Lie- Sean Paul and Dua Lipa

Bit of a diversion from most of the other songs I’ve been listening to this month but this song is so good! I dare anyone to not want to get up and dance when they hear this song and I’m not ashamed to say that many revision breaks have been filled with a dance to this in the past couple of weeks.

Sexual- NEIKED

All through the January greyness this song has reminded me of nights out before exams got in the way! This has been one of my favourite songs for a while now and never fails to make me feel happy, which is definitely needed at the moment!

I Try- Macy Gray 

For me this song is an absolute classic and a fabulous song to sing along to. I love Macy Gray’s husky voice! I had laryngitis last year which left me sounding like her for about a month according to my friends- I’m going to take that as a compliment!

King City- Swim Deep

I was lucky enough to meet the Midland band Swim Deep last year and they were absolutely lovely! This song was amazing live and still sounds just as good a year on.

Jasmine- The Magic Gang

The Magic Gang are a band I’ve been introduced to in the last couple of months and they are a very welcome addition to my musical life. I saw them live in September at Arts Club and they were completely fabulous! This song is from their first EP and is well worth a listen if you’re into indie loveliness.

UGH!- The 1975

Not a month goes by that I don’t listen to the 1975 pretty much daily and no playlist I make would be complete without one of their songs! This month UGH! has probably been what I’ve been listening to most- the title says a lot about my feelings towards January!

Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield

Whilst it pains me to admit it, and possibly wrecks any credibility I may have had as dep’ music editor, if I hadn’t have included this I’d be lying about what I’d been listening to this month.

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