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What’s In Your Earphones? – Ellie’s November Playlist

From brand new releases to the gold that never leaves my playlists, my life has been so full of good music this month. Here are some of the songs that I’ve been particularly enjoying…

Stigmata – Basement 

Stigmata is a definite highlight of Basement’s new album ‘Beside Myself’. It’s as emotionally engaging as it is catchy and works perfectly as a darker, more emo track on the bands most varied and progressive album yet.


Growing on You – The Story So Far

The Story So Far released their new album ‘Proper Dose’ this year and it’s a true masterpiece, it was the perfect progression for the band who have entered the next volume of their narrative as impressively and creatively as they could have done. There’s not a second of it that doesn’t mean something so choosing a favourite song is impossible and I really do recommend listening to this album in full. I love Growing On You because it’s the softest, most angelic song in the entire discography of the band and explores the higher range of Parker Cannon’s vocals alongside slow, chilled out instrumentation in a way we’ve never heard before.


 I Would Hate You If I Could – Turnover

I Would Hate You If I Could is a dreamy Indie version of every emo and pop punk song that essentially just says “my ex ruined my life”, you’ll find yourself swaying and singing along but wistfully agreeing with the lyrics.


I Don’t Know Why She Ran Away – Justin Courtney Pierre 

Justin Courtney Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack released his first solo album last month. As expected, it’s full of catchy melodies, iconic breakdowns, and obscure but eloquent lyrics. I Don’t Know Why She Ran Away is a perfect portrayal of the vulnerable, intelligent, nerdy persona that Pierre music pulls off so well.


Sex – Dashboard Confessional

This is a cover of The 1975 and I have to say I much prefer it (sorry!). It’s sadder and slower which changes the way the lyrics come across significantly.


Broom People – Dan Campbell, Ace Enders

My favourite track from ‘Songs That Saved My Life’. The album is part of a project by Hopeless Records which benefits mental health and suicide prevention charities and is made up of artists covering songs which have helped them. The whole album is great but this one really stands out. Dan Campbell carries so much emotion in his vocals and The Mountain Goats write incredible lyrics so it was always going to be a magical combination. “I write down good reasons to freeze to death/In my spiral ring notebook/But in the long tresses of your hair/I am a babbling brook”, you can’t not feel that.


Grapefruit – Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties

Listening to Broom People on repeat made me crave the more of the torn up, emotional side of Dan Campbell, and where better to go that AWATRT? ‘We Don’t Have Each Other‘ sees Campbell take on the persona of Aaron West during the worst year of his life. A heart wrenching tale from start to finish, this is as raw and intimate as music gets and can actually prove quite difficult to listen to. Grapefruit is, in short, about feeling abandoned in times of need.


Tunnels – Angels & Airwaves

I listen to Tom Delonge’s music almost every day but ‘The Dream Walker‘ is an album that I haven’t given as much attention to. I was reminded of it a couple of weeks ago and listened to the whole album with new ears, Tunnels was my favourite song the first time round and I can confirm that it still is. It’s anthemic, comforting and inspirational, which is what Angels and Airwaves do best.


Reflections – Shards

Up and coming Liverpool four piece Shards have had significant attention in the city following the release of their first single Reflections, and it’s not surprising why. The dreamy, melancholic Indie pop track is a gorgeous introduction to the band, who are undoubtedly on their way to great things.


Winter of Cicada – Can’t Swim

The final track from Can’t Swim’s new album ‘This Too Won’t Pass’, which is as amazing as its name. Winter of Cicada is an emotional ballad which ties the whole album together beautifully and encapsulates its messages about pain and hope.


Baby You’re a Haunted House – Gerard Way 

Gerard Way released a surprise comeback single for Halloween and it’s the catchiest song ever. As part of the emo generation who worshipped Way when he was all eyeliner, chipped nails, and completely over the top lyrics, I could never have imagined enjoying a song by him which features hand claps but I have to say I’m absolutely here for it. It’s still unclear whether or not this is the first release from a new album but it certainly looks that way now a second single has been dropped too.


Change – Blind Melon

I’ve recently got back into some of the 90s grunge that I used to love, with Blind Melon being a particular favourite. Once again, the lyrics really stand out here. “When life is hard, you have to change”.


Be Kind – Coast to Coast

Birmingham Pop Punk band Coast to Coast have secured their place on the scene with their latest release ‘The World Doesn’t Work’. Vocalist Kieran Hyland’s unique voice sounds particularly impressive on these tracks, and paired with meaningful lyrics and infectious melodies, makes for a very impressive EP. Be Kind stands out for its lyrics and message.

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