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What’s In Your Earphones? – Ellie’s April Playlist

April is a month of many emotions for me. It’s my birthday month which is always intense and exciting and has me reflecting on my existence, my decisions, and my relationships. The academic year comes to a stressful but exciting end, exams and essays are pending but summer plans are starting to come together. The weather is constantly switching between deep winter and the beginnings of summer; I’ve watched the daffodils outside of my window wither in the rain then stand proudly in the bright sun all within the first couple of weeks of the month. Much like those daffodils, I have driven home on cold evenings and felt myself sadly relating to lyrics about loneliness; and I’ve also used the same steering wheel as a drum and felt the sun on the back of my hands whilst singing, smiling and looking forward to the future. And so, in accordance with the confusing month, and the confused generation that I am experiencing it with, this playlist reflects every back and forth I have felt this April so far.

You Don’t Walk Away From Love – Peace

Everything Peace do is just magic, I’m not sure they’re capable of releasing a song that’s not an absolute banger. I’d been waiting for new music from them for a while so I’m really excited for their new album Kindness Is The New Rock And Roll, which is set for release on May 4th. The first single From Under Liquid Glass set a very high standard and I’m glad to say that YDWAFL very much meets it. It’s kind of a funky version of I Try by Macy Gray. I absolutely love it.


I Might – Tom Grennan

Since my interview with Tom last month I haven’t been able to turn this song off. It was my favourite by him prior to the interview but I love it even more since seeing it performed live. It’s not only the emotion and sincerity that it’s sung with, but the lyrics to this song really get me. It’s about those moments you experience that make you consider giving up your singledom, they’re few and far between but very much existent. The song very accurately describes how wonderful being free really is but contrasts that with the instinctual feeling that you sometimes get to give it all up for someone. I think this is a particularly interesting topic for the tinder using, travelling generation who can’t seem to stay loyal to anything.


Bishops Knife Trick – Fall Out Boy

Without a doubt the best song on MANIA, this song has all of the genius and emotion of old Fall Out Boy and the lyrics “I’m sifting through the sand, sand, sand, sand/ looking for pieces of broken hourglass/ trying to get it all back/ put it back together/ as if the time had never passed” are forever running through my head.


It Must Get Lonely – The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years are one of my favourite bands of all time. Lead singer Dan Campbell is a genius and has written some of the best lyrics I’ve ever come across. When you love a band this much it’s always a combination of stupidly exciting and weirdly nerve wracking when they release a new album. I wanted to love Sister Cities as much as I do the rest of their catalogue and I’m happy to say that I really do. It’s been on in my car constantly since it was released and I’ve found myself particularly in love with this song. I love the lyrics, including the references to previous lyrics, the metaphors, the emotion in Dan’s voice, the melody, and how much it already means to me. “IT MUST GET OBVIOUS ENOUGH THAT I’M NOT EVER GONNA CHANGE, IT MUST GET OBVIOUS ENOUGH THAT I’M THE ONE WHO STAYS…BUT IT MUST GET LONELY”. Perfection.


Needlework – Casey

Where I Go When I Am Sleeping by welsh hardcore punk band Casey is one of my favourite albums of the year so far. It’s their second full length album and marries emo with hardcore perfectly, which is a style I happen to really love. Again, the lyrics throughout the entire album are intelligent, creative, relatable, and alluring to a point where entire songs are quote worthy. The spoken word section that closes the album is full of both heartbreak and hope and stands as a very brave display of emotion. My two favourite songs are Bruise and Needlework and I struggled to choose between them but if you’re planning on exploring this band I would suggest Needlework as a starting point. It’s a deeply sad song but so poetic, beautiful and relatable.


Out Of It – The Story So Far

The Story So Far are another favourite band of mine. Their self titled album which was released in 2015 means a lot to me, so again, I’m full of anticipation for their new release. Out Of It came out in September 2017 and since then some very clever marketing from Hopeless Records has been going on. I don’t think I’ve ever been so teased for the release of an album (and I’m a Tom Delonge fan!), it’s obviously coming at some point this year but the date is anyone’s guess. Anyway, Out Of It was an exciting glimpse into what’s to come and I go back to listening to it on repeat every time Hopeless tease a bit more.


Cupid – The Big Moon

I found this song thanks to Smart Playlists by Spotify after listening to Peace and I loved it immediately. This is the exact kind of tune I need on in the background while I’m thinking about all of my exciting summer plans. The atmosphere is dreamy!


Girl Crush – Harry Styles

I’m very much in agreement with our Music Editor Chloe Lewis that something special is happening in the world of pop music, and that something special is the legend that is Harry Styles. His cover of Girl Crush has my heart, I try not to spend too much time gazing out of the windows and dreaming about men that will never be mine, but that’s exactly what I do when this song comes on.


Sway – Elder Brother

I was very excited to learn that Elder Brother released a new song this week. They were a favourite from the acoustic stage at Slam Dunk in 2016 and their album Heavy Head is one I go back to every couple of months so it’s great to see that they’re working on new music! Always with the lyrics, I know, but I love the lyrics in this song. “Save your breath and just breathe”.


Chloraseptic Remix – Eminem (feat. PHresher and 2 Chainz)

NEW EMINEM! Okay… Revival has already been out for four months now but it still feels exciting. The reviews were so mixed that it led Eminem to release the Chloraseptic Remix, which was an explicit hit back at the haters. It’s as clever as it is admirable.


Stutter – 7 Minute Martians

IT’S THE WAY SHE STUTTERS WHEN SHE SPEAKS”. 7 Minute Martians are a new favourite of mine, their album Curious came out on March 15th and its contagious energy has been with me ever since. These guys blend feel good pop punk with a progressive and experimental atmosphere and it works beautifully. There’s something incredibly nostalgic about the music for me, with Stutter being a definite favourite. It’s evident how much heart and soul went into this whole album and I already know it’ll be a big part of my 2018 summer soundtrack.


Overrated – Best Years

Again, one for when the sun is shining and you’re setting off on a long journey to somewhere fun. I found this band a couple of years ago and I’m sad they stopped making music because this song is an absolute 10/10 classic, it could easily be featured on a weekly Kerrang playlist of the best pop punk songs of all time and I don’t think anybody would notice.


September- Taylor Swift (Earth, Wind & Fire cover)

Despite their rocky relationship, Taylor Swift released her cover of September exclusively through Spotify on Friday 13th. From start to finish it’s completely gorgeous and has served as a perfect soundtrack to lazing in the sun this week. With 13 being Taylor’s lucky number, and it being the date it was released, this seems ideal for the 13th song of my playlist and also a perfect way to end it. Enjoy!


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