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What’s In Your Earphones? – Charity’s September Playlist

From the moment I agreed to do this month’s playlist, it got me thinking, HOW in the world is it already September? I can already smell the ‘3 for £5 jagerbombs’ vomit lingering from concert square, signalling the arrival of the 2018/19 freshers. Anyway it’s time to reattach my head and look forward to the coming months of deadlines and a growing winter coat collection. So here’s what I’ve been listening to through the course of the past few weeks.

Television – IDLES

‘Television’ comes from single handedly the most important and culturally relevant album of not only this year, but also the past few (read me gush about it in depth here). IDLES manage to employ brutal wit, yet adopt a tone of sincerity at the same time, with lyrics such as “I spoke to God in my dream last night, she said I’m going to heaven and my teeth were white”. God is a woman, you heard it here first.

No Angel – Charli XCX

Charli, our lord and saviour, blessing us with some of the most exciting pop music of 2018. The production on this track, courtesy of SOPHIE (who is doing a date at Kitchen Street this October) is absolutely mesmerising, with it’s 80’s synth and oscillating groove of a bassline. If you need a song to remind you who the hell you are, this is the one.

Lonesome Love  Mitski

I cannot explain my love for the new Mitski album in such few words, but long story short she knocked the ball out of the park with her latest release ‘Be The Cowboy’. This particular track is my favourite and has single handedly the best lyric I have heard all year: “cause nobody butters me up like you / and nobody f**ks me like me”. Sublime.

Worthless Animal – Deafheaven

I bloody well love Deafheaven, their combination and integration of genres such as black metal and shoegaze is mesmerising. This ones from their latest album Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, which I 100% recommend you give a listen.

Wings – The Fall 

I’ve been listening to a lot more of The Fall recently and this is my favourite song by them- telling the allegorical story of a man who buys a pair of wings and ricochets through time and space, and by the time he gets home he’s changed too much. Nice.

Thank God I’m A Lizard  Ross From Friend

No Ross from popular 90’s TV show friends has not embarked on a side project as a DJ; but the DJ who took inspiration for the name has put out a great release with Family Portrait. This songs taken from that album, atmospheric lo-fi house at it’s best.

Tasteless – Shame

It made me so happy to see a band I’ve been following from when they were doing gigs at The Magnet (R.I.P), play the main stage at Reading & Leeds. And they deserve every bit of success they’ve been getting, Songs Of Praise was one of my favourite albums of 2018.

Now U Got Me Hooked – Against All Logic

If you want a song to groove to then this is the one- funky as hell.

Daddy – Hotel Lux

These are definitely a band to watch in the coming months, with their combination of crude kitchen sink realism and snarling vocals, over spidery guitar. This one’s about paedophiles, enjoy.

Charcoal Baby – Blood Orange 

Dev Hynes returned with Blood Orange last month, with Negro Swan an album exploring ugly beauty through warm, glossy vocals backed by mellow synths and gentle guitars.

Say Yes Elliott Smith

How else do you welcome the coming fall months without a bit of Elliott Smith?

As always, all of our music team’s playlists are available on the Ellipsis Spotify account: ellipsismusicteam.

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