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What’s in Your Earphones? – Ali’s April Playlist

Like my music taste in general, my April playlist is an eclectic mix of a few different genres from indie, pop and smoother vibes. My playlist at the moment is heavily influenced by the transition from winter to spring. I prefer lighter more upbeat songs when the sun is shining so there is a crossover between more summery vibes and more cooler/cosier sounding winter tunes. There has also been a lot of great single and album releases in the past few months which have been in my Spotify heavy rotation. Some particular new release favourites from Maverick Sabre, Catfish and the Bottlemen, and Vampire Weekend had to be featured in this playlist!

‘Paradise’Nilüfer Yanya

To me this is a chilled out track that I love playing as my background music when I’m studying or just chilling. The song is a perfect combination of a slower paced track with pops of character. This is a track that feels like spring to me. Yanya has also just released a new album which is great, but this is my favourite song of hers.




‘Glory’Maverick Sabre                                                                                                                    

Maverick Sabre has returned from a short hiatus and with him brought a beautiful new album When I Wake Up. ‘Glory’ is one of the more energetic tracks on the record but is still loaded with emotion. This video is particularly beautiful incorporating Sabres’ Irish heritage. To me this song is another personification of spring, with its brightness of the sun but with the emotion of a slower track. I have been playing Sabre’s latest album on repeat and this is the track I’m always drawn to from it.


‘Harmony Hall’Vampire Weekend


I have never listened to Vampire Weekend that much and heard ‘Harmony Hall’ through another playlist. I quickly got addicted to the track and it’s been in heavy rotation ever since. It’s a really lovely track playing with pace and more stripped instruments, giving it a light and vibrant feel.




Moving onto a bit of a heavier sounding track, Honeyblood’s ‘Glimmer’ is a powerful female indie rock track. Its lyrics are unique and it feels like a transition piece of music from winter to spring for me. It is much more rock feeling and is a fast more powerfully driven song with the instruments. I love the chorus to this song, especially the lyrics, “She could put a hex on you // Watch out, she’ll bewitch ya // If you play untrue, better not try to trick her”


‘Everything I Wanted’NIMMO

This song is a little more electronic but I love it. Its a great tune which sits in the middle of fast and upbeat but not too aggressive. I stumbled upon NIMMO through another playlist and have since become obsessed with their sound. It’s a track I have on repeat.





‘High Five’Sigrid

After listening to the random Sigrid song over the last few months it was only after seeing her live at the start of March that she became a frequent feature in my heavy rotation. There are so many of her tracks I like and when I’m in a good mood I like to play her album through. My most played and probably favourite song is ‘High Five’. Again this is a very vibrant track, playing with pace change and makes you just want to dance. I love playing this when it’s sunny outside and the evenings are lighter – it feels like the perfect accompaniment to spring evening.


‘In Camera’Yumi Zouma

Similar to the vibe that Nilüfer Yanya gives me with ‘Paradise’, Yumi Zouma’s song ‘In Camera’ is a lovely relaxing slow jam that feels light and breezing but not too overly energetic. It’s often these tracks I play the most as they always reflect my general mood day to day.





‘2all’Catfish and the Bottlemen

Catfish and Bottlemen are back with their new album, which at the time of writing has not been released.. They have however released a couple of singles from it. I have loved Catfish and Bottlemen since the release of their first album and I never seem to tire of their music. It was a hard call whether to put ‘2all’ or ‘Longshot’ in this playlist as I have been loving them both and playing those loads. I chose ‘2all’ because I think I love it just that tiny bit more! It’s a great balance of indie rock and a driving beat, with interesting lyrics. I especially love, “Yes I’d have to keep my wits about me // But it fits you at the time // To fall for every line”


‘Ring Ring’Anteros

Anteros sounds very Blondie-esque which I love. It’s a contemporary take on a similar style. This track is another lighter more upbeat tune that I’ve listened to loads and really enjoyed. The perfect balance of energy and upbeat vocal, which doesn’t overdo it.






‘Date Night’Father John Misty

Father John Misty is a staple all year round for me and ‘Date Night’ has become the most recent obsession. I love the clinking piano in the background and synthy sounds, which cut out and you just get a tambourine playing. He is lyrically great and I play this song constantly, it’ll be an all year staple for me not just in my April playlist!



You can find all these songs and a few more of my current favourites in a playlist on Ellipsis’ Spotify @ellipsismusicteam here!

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