Jordan Holdsworth

We’re back online!

You’ll have to excuse us for our innocent ode to Adele, but we had to do something major to announce our arrival, didn’t we?


If you’re reading this then it’s official – our website is live! It’s taken us the best part of a year to draw up a completely new design, move everything over and make the final adjustments, but we made it! Horaaaay!

Our old website just wasn’t suitable any more. Without boring you with the details, there were things we wanted to do to it that we just couldn’t do. Following the redesign of our beloved magazine, we also realised our online archives didn’t have enough orange on them.

So we started from the very beginning; our design team began brainstorming ideas, and from this we drew up some plans for what our site could look like. A few months later we were ready to release it to the public – finally we had a much larger, more organised website.

Our new website provides us with so many more features than we had before. We’ve recently opened our Freshers area, where incoming students can learn more about what to expect when they get to Liverpool. Be sure to check it out here. Our members now have their own area, which we call the Ellipsis Hub – a private zone where our contributors can send articles to our committee, all on the front end of the site.

We’re really proud of the result and we hope you love it as much as we do!

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