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We Used to Be in Love EP: A Review

CCK EP cover

Off the back of 27 UK festival performances this summer, one of Liverpool’s newest, most innovative bands, Clean Cut Kid, release their eagerly anticipated EP, We Used to Be in Love.

Opening with the title track We Used to Be in Love, you are immediately reminded of some of the band’s earlier songs such as Vitamin C and Runaway. The chorus is catchy, the melody is contagious and the vocals of Mike and Evelyn Halls perfectly tell the story of post break-up heartache   – a theme which runs throughout.

Following the upbeat opening track comes Paper Heart, a song which suddenly mellows the feeling of the EP and sets a more painful tone than the previous tune. The track starts off light but builds into a powerful chorus, which paired with the echoed vocals create an open, strong song.

Next comes Hospital Lights, which seems to strip back Clean Cut Kid’s sound even more. With a relaxed guitar melody throughout, the vocals really shine in this song. However the song builds and builds until the pickup brings back the vibrant beat of Clean Cut Kid we all know and love.

The final song is my favourite – Loud Places. The brightness of this song creates a summery vibe, with a chorus that’s so attractive I could just imagine everyone dancing along to it at the many festivals the band have performed at this summer. It creates the perfect ending to the EP – which shows that Clean Cut Kid aren’t afraid to experiment with their sound and style to create something brilliantly original. If you want to listen to a band whose music is infectious, driven and exceptionally well-crafted, listen to this EP.

We Used to Be in Love is OUT NOW.

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