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TV Me- ‘ Melodica’: A Review

After the success of bright and upbeat Space Geno earlier this month, the three-piece project that is TV ME are back once more, this time with equally catchy tune, Melodica.

Opening with what sounds incredibly melodica-esque, the track soon begins to build in layers- including a memorable beat, multiple keyboard sequences, and Thomas McConnell’s spoken word like vocals. Coming together in an overlapping yet fitting arrangement of sound and pattern, the song oozes futuristic vibes both musically and lyrically.

Melodica is easily yet another strength for the act, who only formed at the start of this year. Bringing in a similar energy and vibe as the likes of Hot Chip and Scissor Sisters, they are a refreshing change to Liverpool’s ever-growing music scene, mixing typical dreamy indie pop with also the experimental. Their unique set up of keyboards, synths, and the lack of drum kit, along with their inspiration drawn from memories of old computers and regurgitated pop culture rather than bands and artists, is what sets them apart from most, and for me makes them one of the most exciting new acts around.

TV ME are most definitely broadcasting, and I can’t see them stopping anytime soon.

You can stream Melodica on Spotify here 

The bands upcoming live shows can be found below:

Nov 30th – The Magnet, Liverpool
Dec 14th – St Michaels Church, Manchester
Dec 16th – Vintage Bar, Doncaster
Jan 30th – Studio 2, Liverpool

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