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TV ME @ 81 Renshaw

What do you get if you cross 2 laptops, 3 keyboards, a range of electric and acoustic guitars, a recorder, a pair of scissors, a dial phone and a wooden frog? One heck of a fun night with Liverpool’s very own TV ME of course!

Made up of Thomas McConnellFrankie Tibbles and Adam Dixon, TV ME for me are a refreshing part of Liverpool’s music scene, hence making me incredibly excited to head over to 81 Renshaw with the lovely pink haired Ellie Roffey for what was the launch of the bands EP: A Broadcast from TV ME, and also the final night on their 10 date UK Tour. Having heard the band’s name floating around a lot over the past few months, both due to the success of their first single Peppercorn Boy, and also their various support slots on the Liverpool tour dates of bands such as Flyte and White Room, I knew I was in for yet another great night. Unfortunately we missed both support acts, Sean Keogh and Seatbelts- the latter being the brand new project from James Madden and Ryan Murphy of Hooton Tennis Club, but we did make it just in time to weave our way through the packed crowd, gaining a great spot, front and centre.

The night began with Stitches, the opener to the band’s EP. Taking a more folky and acoustic direction from the group’s usual electronic and keyboard heavy songs, it was a slight surprise, however; it was a change that certainly suited them well as it showed how open TV ME are to taking on a range of styles and genres. Following this came the band’s debut single, and the infectiously dancey, Peppercorn Boy. As the opening chords struck, the sold out venue took it upon themselves to get the whole place moving in a dancing frenzy. A fan favourite indeed- from the growing synths, steady beat, and catchy lyrics, you could see why it was TV ME‘s first release.

With the most interesting set up of instruments and sounds, TV ME easily stand out from the crowd and dare to be different- for it’s not every day you see someone start playing a wooden frog, or pop a balloon with a pair of scissors to signify the end of a song. Along with this, the collection of vocals along with the merging of sounds from samples, synths, and instruments, gives the group an almost dreamy and spacey sound.

As a whole, the night went from strength to strength, and it was clear everyone in the room was invested in the music and the group as a whole, even to the point of a group singalong of Happy Birthday to band member Adam! A highlight for me had to be the back to back stint of pop-y and keyboard centric Space Geno, and the jazzy recorder heavy Cuba Tuba Player, both which continued to have the whole room dancing with a brand new form of energy.

Yet it was the final track of the night, and also their EP closure, Opal Fruits, that knocked it out of the park and ended TV ME’s set with a bang. The clos to the 6 minute long song has quickly become a favourite of mine for the way it soars and changes throughout. Rapidly changing to a heavily instrumental track, with the occasional echoing vocal, whilst also becoming filled with musical solos, the whole song only extends to show TV ME’s strengths. Utterly impossibility not to dance along to, it brought the event to a perfect end.

You can stream TV ME‘s debut EP ‘A Broadcast From TV ME’ on Spotify now or purchase from Bandcamp

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