Trixie Mattel “SKINNY LEGEND TOUR” coming to Liverpool!

This Thursday 7th of March in Liverpool at the Mountford Hall the legendary Trixie Mattell, winner of Emmy Award winning reality television show Rupaul’s Drag Race: All Stars and American drag legend brings you her ‘one woman show’ called The Skinny Legend Tour.

In addition to being one of the most beloved drag performers in the world, Trixie Mattel is also a singer and songwriter, and co-stars in a hugely popular YouTube series called UNhhh.

This drag race success story is taking the UK by storm and you do not want miss the opportunity to see her talent shine in person.

Here are some of the interesting things the artist had to say about her tour, music and so far experience in the UK during her Q&A:

Firstly, what can we expect from your upcoming live shows?

You can expect virtuosic guitar-playing and hair that touches the sky. I want people to come away from the show thinking ‘you were up there’. I’ll tell you what you can’t expect – very high heels and universally funny material.

It’s called the Skinny Legend tour – what makes someone a skinny legend?

Being a skinny legend is more of a mindset or a persona than a number on a scale. You can be a skinny legend with any body type. It’s about dressing for your shape, it’s about confidence and honestly, it’s about being verified on Twitter!

This is your biggest headline tour of the UK, is there anywhere in particular that you’re looking forward to visiting?

I always love coming to the UK. As long as there’s strong wifi and slightly Americanised food, I’m happy! I’m really looking forward to coming back to Liverpool. A lot of the places on this tour are return victims – I usually come to the UK once a year so it’s like an annual tradition which is really cool. I’ve never been to Cork though so I’m looking forward to that.

What essential items do you bring with you on tour?

Nail polish is my number one essential, I just have to make sure that I take it off after every show. I got my free pyjamas from Virgin Atlantic airline, I always have 10 pairs of them. Also, my Tumi backpack to let people know that I’m rich!

What’s on your tour playlist?

Today at the gym I was listening to Pose by Naomi Smalls. It’s basically just her talking but I live for that.

Have you been able to check out the UK drag scene?

We love to keep very in touch with the local performers when we’re on tour and I always try to go to a local show if I can. I used to lip sync at a lot of small local bars when I had more of a club style show. Victoria Secret from Dublin is the opening act on my tour and I love her.

Is there a difference between UK drag and US drag?

I think that drag queens in the UK are very similar to New York queens as they have the type of show with an hour to fill and they will host karaoke or a quiz and they’ll sing or do comedy. It’s very similar to what New York drag queens do as they will normally have an hour weekly show for their act. I think the queens in the UK are really great performers as they’re really balls to the wall.

Finally, you’ve won Drag Race, you’ve had two successful albums and you have your own TV show with Katya, so what’s next for Trixie Mattel?

This year, I’ll be launching a cosmetics endeavour. I previously worked as a makeup artist for five years so I’ve always been very interested in the technical side. I’ve been heavily involved in every step from working in the lab to choosing the packaging. Nobody uses and abuses makeup like drag queens – if I can’t get blackout drunk and fall off stage in it, then it’s not worth it. There’s also going to be a Trixie Mattel documentary, so stay tuned for that. The crew followed me for a whole year, including my national tour in the US, launching my album and filming The Trixie and Katya Show. There’s even footage of me naked in the shower!

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