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Theatre Review: 9 to 5

We’ve all heard the song ‘9 to 5’ by Dolly Parton. It’s usually playing in the background in films as the main character is working hard, or it’s that cheesy song we’re all guilty of dancing to in the club. The musical has made it’s way to our very own Stanley Theatre at the Guild. Once you see LUST’s remarkable production of this timeless classic, you won’t be able to stop yourself from dancing all the way home. If you would like to experience nostalgia with a modern twist, I highly suggest setting yourself a ticket ASAP, as they have one date left- Saturday 9th.

The classic story-line goes as follows: Three browbeaten women, Violet, Judy and Doralee, played by Roz GibsonMary Hanna and Charlotte Lee respectively, work for the company Consolidated Industries. The company is run by the pompous, arrogant, sexist and misogynistic boss Mr. Hart, played by Fergus O’Sullivan. Although Violet works as his secretary, she is capable of much more and is exhausted by the limited opportunities given to women in the work place. All three women bond over their downtrodden potential and join forces in their desire to remove their terrible boss from power. This production tackles the gender stereotypes of the 70’s perfectly, as well as depicting themes of sexual harassment which is still relevant today. The remarkable power ballads utilising the strong voices of the cast will make  you want to get up, take charge of your life and form your own feminist agenda (or at least gather your most eccentric girl gang and sing a timeless duet together.)

The whole production was spectacular from start to finish, relying on the comedic timing of the quirky characters. The cast are well chosen for their roles, with Mary Hanna capturing the awkward, eccentric character of Judy perfectly. The director, Jonny Kain, and producer, Abi Morris, took charge of a marvellous and witty stage production, with the use of Musical Director Caitlin Marley, adding depth and triumph to each character’s actions through music. The movement on stage is smooth and fluent, making you forget that you’re seeing the performance in a small venue. The clever use of props and costumes, arguably still fashionable today, didn’t go unnoticed, all getting brighter as each character develops, making you feel as though you were growing with each lovable character. A noticeable charm of the show was the use of the American accent, making you feel as though you had been transported to LA and forget you were sitting in a theatre in Liverpool. The use of stage equipment creates an abundance of humour during particular scenes, really going to show how much effort was put into this production on and off-stage. The clever use of lighting, setting the tone for each scene really caught the essence and mood of the musical, creating an all together impressive visual display throughout.

Furthermore, ‘9 to 5‘ was a fantastic, well-directed musical depicting the quirky lives of it’s characters using adult humour. I left the theatre feeling confident, happy and ready to see it all over again!

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Tickets for the last show can be purchased here:

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