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The Wombats- ‘Lemon To A Knife Fight’: A Review

After a string of tour dates this summer celebrating the 10th anniversary of their debut album, it seems only fitting that The Wombats have chosen to end 2017 with a bang by making their long awaited return to our airwaves with some brand new music.

However, between the taunting tweets from the band’s account teasing a release date (amongst many many knife and lemon emojis), and the Instagram posts from their time in the studio, it has been hard to keep a lid on my excitement for the past few weeks as I waited to hear what The Wombats would have in store for us next.

Lemon To a Knife Fight, the first single on the bands’s forthcoming fourth album, Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life, signifies a new era and new sound for the Liverpudlian trio, something which is expected when you’ve been a band for over 14 years. With multiple guitar riffs and a fast paced drumbeat forming the base of the track, it seems the sythy pop sound that was a common feature and staple within third album Glitterbug has been cast aside.

On the topic of the new single, lead singer Matthew ‘Murph’ Murphy commented that it ‘came around after my wife and I had a huge argument on Mulholland Drive. I’d been watching tons of David Lynch too, the song just kind of fell out of me.’ He went on to say that the song is kind of a metaphor of going into a situation that you know you’re gonna lost.

The Wombats have come a long way since their first album, A Guide to Love, Loss, and Desperation, as, whilst also being a fun album to dance and sing to for it is jam packed full of the indie bangers that made up our youth, as a full body of work it can hold a sense of being one dimensional due to the repertitive song formulas and happy clappy anecdotes. Yet through the past decade the band have continued to grow and develop; bringing fuller sounds, soaring guitars, and a range of emotions to the table.

With their versatile and eclectic back catelogue, it can be said that no matter what happens The Wombats will always produce music that is most definitely worth listening to, and if Lemon To a Knife Fight is anything to go by, its that this 4th album will be very much just that.

Lemon To a Knife Fight is available on Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer here.

The Wombats‘ fourth album Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life will be released on 9th February 2018 by their own independent label and is available to preorder now here

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