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The Seamonsters- ‘Wonderland’ : A Review

Sheffield based girl band The Seamonsters have returned with yet another song which you will have blaring out of your speakers on repeat. ‘Wonderland’ is the second single by the six-piece after their debut ‘Lost (and Found)’ was released last April.

With a distinct guitar riff and a heavy drum beat, the girls have upped their game and shown they’re not afraid the make some noise and kick things up a notch. The fast paced tune is one The Seamonsters have had hidden up their sleeves for a while, having been released as a demo last September. However, since then the song has become more slick and radio ready, showing just what a few months of work can really do. With the current change in sound, it leaves me eager to hear what The Seamonsters do next.

Wonderland is out now, and available to listen to on Spotify.

Image Credit: The Seamonsters

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