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The Seamonsters- ‘Max and Archie’: A Review

Ellipsis’ favourite indie girl band The Seamonsters are back with their third single, the whimsical Max and Archie. The Sheffield six-piece are definitely ones to watch, and seem to be going from strength to strength with the introduction of this latest offering.

Combining frontwoman Naomi Mann’s dreamy vocals with catchy riffs and a raucous drum beat, Max and Archie has a distinctly poppy retro sound, showing the versatility of The Seamonsters as it is wildly different to their raw debut single Lost (and Found) and the much heavier Wonderland. It appears that there is nothing The Seamonsters can’t do, and with the release of their third single they firmly establish themselves as the coolest new band around, bringing guitar-fuelled girl power to an audience of teenagers just like them who maybe need a break from the constant stream of male bands being churned out. Max and Archie might just be the best song the band have released so far, which is certainly saying something when their previous singles have all been so briliant! I can’t wait to see what The Seamonsters have in store next, because I’ve loved everything they’ve done so far and can’t wait for the day they get the recognition they so deserve.

Max and Archie is out now, and available to listen to on Spotify.

Image Credit: The Seamonsters

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