The Paper Cinema’s Macbeth – A Review

Within seconds of entering the Everyman theatre, everybody in the audience including myself was immersed in an intricate and fascinating world made entirely out of paper. We closely followed the tragic story of Macbeth, and witnessed his murderous plots, his triumphs and his sorrows all of which eventually lead up to his ultimate and inevitable demise.

All of this was done through the use of cinematic projection of marvellously crafted and extremely detailed sets and characters made entirely out of paper. The artistry itself was unbelievably elaborate and fascinating, that paired with the use of sound effects that were all performed live was an incredibly enveloping and hypnotic experience. That was then all topped with the remarkable use of live music to completely capture the essence of the classic story of Macbeth, and transport everyone watching to 11th-Century Scotland where the tale is originally set. There was no doubt in my mind about the amount of time and effort was put into this project, judging by all the greatly inventive and fascinating elements of the play.

Any fan of the classic story of Macbeth will enjoy this imaginative and artistic take on Shakespeare’s tragedy.

More about the theatre group behind this can be found here:

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