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The Missing Light – Theatre Review

Mark Arend’s live, silent animation, The Missing Light, comes to the Liverpool Everyman stage this November in collaboration with production company Make Mend and Do.

Surrounded by a theatre full of young children, I followed the story of fisherman’s wife, Hilda, as she keeps watch over what she thinks is the light in her husband’s boat in the middle of the sea. One night, when the light suddenly vanishes, Hilda is left alone and exists for many years in her seaside home with a photo of her unreturning husband for company. That is how Hilda lives until kind neighbour, Warple, moves into the house next door, and the two become close friends and share in the continuous search for Hilda’s missing light.

Their adventures together showcase Warple’s inventions that helped the puppet pair discover an explanation behind the confused disappearance of Hilda’s husband and the returning curious flickering light in the midst of the ocean. Claire Harvey’s quirky puppet and set design created a beautiful spectacle alongside Julia Slienger’s live technological animation and Mark Arend’s original soundtrack. Devisors David Emmings, Samantha Arends and Sam Clark create magic before our very eyes with the miniature sets on stage that are filmed live and projected onto a big screen to create a seamless film.

For anyone with a weakness for touching storylines and intricately detailed art, The Missing Light is guaranteed to provoke a lump in your throat and maybe even a little tear.

Tickets for the remaining shows can be found on the link below:


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