The Magic Gang @ O2 Academy Liverpool


On Wednesday 3rd October I got to go and see one of my all-time favourite bands, The Magic Gang, play at the O2 Academy in Liverpool. The Magic Gang always put on a wonderful performance and never disappoint so it was obvious that everyone in the crowd had very high expectations. The band have been moving up in the world very quickly after supporting Sundara Karma not too long ago at Liverpool Guild of Students. Their show at the O2 Academy was part of their headline tour and it was obvious that the band were shocked to see that they had filled out the venue.

They are one of those bands who can get a crowd jumping no matter what mood they are in to begin with, the energy they bring to stage is infectious and it is a known fact by fans of The Magic Gang that every single performance of theirs is going to be exciting and electric. Another thing that the band are always successful in doing is warming the crowd up before they go on stage with playlists full of classic bangers (including ‘Boogie’ by Brockhampton who are a current favourite among most people). However this didn’t match up to the main event which was of course The Magic Gang, the band started with crowd favourite ‘Alright’ and continued with more of the tunes from their debut self-titled album, including ‘All This Way’, ‘Oh Saki’, ‘Slippin’ and ‘Jasmine’, and the whole crowd sang along to every single song they played, just proving that The Magic Gang have managed to gain so many die-hard fans in such a short space of time.

It was obvious that the guys couldn’t have finished the night without a classic encore (especially since everyone was waiting for the absolute classic song that is ‘All That I Want is You’) and they did just that, and it was clear that no energy had been lost by the crowd as everyone was still jumping around the venue despite the copious amounts of sweat dripping from them. They ended the show with a bang and it was clear by their reactions that they were so grateful to every single person who was there and they could definitely feel the love.

The Magic Gang always put on an incredible show and this one was no exception. If you have never been to see this band you are missing out because it physically impossible to not have an amazing night when these guys are on the stage.

You can stream The Magic Gang’s self titled debut album on Spotify and other streaming sites now!

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