The Lantern Company Presents: City of Light

The Lantern Company (based in Lark Lane, Liverpool) are back again to create their wonderful and bizarre pieces of art on the Sefton Boating Lake in Liverpool. Their take on visual and performing art is unusual yet mesmerising as I stroll around the lake immersed in the story they had to tell. The free public event witnesses the massive community collaboration as Liverpudlian artists, musicians, poets and members of the public tell their stories, projected through speakers surrounding the lake to create the ultimate feeling of belonging within a loving community.

When walking around the city soundscape, hundreds of lanterns, that were built with the help of all generations of Liverpool residents, softly glow, creating a calming and serene atmosphere. The lanterns consisted of shelters, different styles of houses from various eras, blocks of flats, warehouses and iconic buildings from Liverpool and around the world, such as the Radio City Tower, the London Eye (or the Wheel of Liverpool, if you prefer) and the Taj Mahal. The Lantern Company describes the event as being “a public space for reflection on local and global experiences of migration, home and belonging”, all simply created from sticks, paper and stories.

Another immersive artistic experience is the Lantern Company’s Habitats located in the Sefton Park Palm House, in which families of all ages can be guided along a luminescent story trail of lantern-made animals such as frogs, butterflies, rabbits, foxes, badgers and more! This event is ticketed at £6 per person or a family ticket for £20.

To feel a sense of belonging to a wider community, of hope, light and solidarity, the City of Light exhibition is a must. Experience the wonder before its gone!

The exhibition lasts until Sunday 24th February. For more information, visit or

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