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The Japanese House – ‘Lilo’: A Review

The Japanese House is back with a new single that unmistakably catches her familiar sound and establishes her as a star on the rise.

Some of the greatest songs are those that let us to enter a space where it is just us and the song. ‘Lilo’, from beginning to end, possesses this quality.

The subtle yet rounded intro allows us to slide into the song until, around the half minute mark, we are hit by the characteristic vocals. The Japanese House likes to play with androgyny, and, to the unfamiliar listener, the song could easily be mistaken for a duet between a woman and man, when the light voice of the verses hits those deep notes in the chorus.

The tone is both melancholy and hopeful, with lyrics that reflect a sense of relief from having found something which one has been searching for. Whilst the song is based on a personal experience, the abstract phrasing allows us to add our own meaning. The track has a serene, almost meditative feel and brilliantly reflects the image of the floating lilo in a bright blue swimming pool.

Having played both festivals and arenas, The Japanese House continues her rise towards the top and with ‘Lilo’ we are reminded why.

‘Lilo’ is out now and available on Spotify.

Catch The Japanese House on the 25th November at Gorilla in Manchester. Tickets available here.

Image credit: Ian Cheek Press

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