The Big Moon @ The Magnet

The Magnet was illuminated earlier this month when indie four-piece The Big Moon came to town. The headliners’ vivacious set was the perfect getaway from a dreary October night on Hardman Street; the London-based quartet were clearly up for a party and the feeling in the crowd was mutual.

The Mysterines, a Wirral-based trio, kicked off the evening with their set. Having recently supported Indie giants The Coral, they managed to live up to the buzz about them on the local music scene. Fresh-faced and raring to go, their set began with a bluesy-grunge hybrid complete with heavy basslines and melancholic vocals.

The bands’ vocals are particularly striking; the lead singer hit some notes so powerfully that the whole of The Magnet seemed to ring with them. A highlight of their set was Sticky, a moody, slow builder that really set The Mysterines up as ones to watch.

Second up was indie pop four-piece Get Inuit. They staggered onto stage to the theme tune from Rugrats; which I took away as a personal highlight from the night. Having seen the band a couple of times before, I must admit that Get Inuit do very little for me as a band and I find their songs quite repetitive; albeit very catchy.

However, the Kentish foursome know how to get the crowd going with their contagious energy and impressive stage presence. They certainly went down well in The Magnet playing crowd favourites such as All My Friends and Teriyaki.

Trying to get a good spot in The Magnet became noticeable difficult as the crowd anticipated tonight’s headline act. After a short while, the opening strings of Robbie Williams’ Millennium began to play as The Big Moon filled the small stage. Clad with bright and funky Hawaiian shirts to go with their tongue in cheek opening song, it was clear that this four-piece were here to have a good time.

Kicking off the set with Silent Movie Susie, a neat indie-pop tune, lead singer Juliet Jackson and guitarist Soph Nathan pogo around the stage, an energy that is felt throughout the room. We’re told by Guitarist, Celia Archer, that in 2015 The Big Moon played their first gig in Liverpool to about 15 people; little did they know that two years later they would be playing an album nominated for the Mercury Prize award and to a packed out venue at that.

On stage The Big Moon demonstrate their impressive talent as musicians as well as a down to earth nature that makes watching them all the more enjoyable. As expected, their set list is comprised mainly of the tracks from their ground-breaking album Love in the 4th Dimension. The group are able to move seamlessly from upbeat favourites such as Pull the Other One to the slower, lusher tones of Zeds.

Later on, the headline act really brought the party home with a rendition of Bonnie Tyler’s romantic classic Total Eclipse of the Heart, making it their own with their distinctive indie-pop spin and Jackson‘s deep, smokey voice. The chorus was met with genuine glee from the Friday night crowd who are more than ready for a singalong; after all this is Liverpool, where it feels as if you are never more than 5 metres away from a karaoke bar.

The final part of their set began with crowd pleaser, Cupid, and Jackson jumping off of the stage to join in with another singalong to Bonfire. Finishing brilliantly with Sucker, their set came to a close exactly as it had began with all four members enjoying playing their music and having a laugh with the audience.

It’s always a good night when the band are having as much fun as the crowd and with a world-class first album to play with, The Big Moon is a gig you can’t miss.

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