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The 27 Club hosts some of Liverpool’s Finest Local Talent

This Friday the 27 Club played host to some of the finest local talent Liverpool has to offer. Situated on Victoria Street, the club has only been open for four months but has already established itself as a must-visit for anyone wanting to check out the local music scene.

Firstly, one-man band and clear blues enthusiast Persefomania took to the stage, kicking off with an engrossing acoustic instrumental kept in beat by his hi-hat. Employing great use of slide guitar and open tuning Persefomnia provided the audience with an authentic blues experience hard to find among most current musicians.

Second on the bill were the alternative-rock trio Evil Pink Machine. The three had offered anyone attending the gig a quality brew as long as they were wearing something pink, which tragically my wardrobe is missing. On the plus side, the band gave a great performance that was visually impressive as well as being filled with interesting songs. The 27 Club’s fluorescent, multi-coloured lighting illuminated the band’s suitably bright pink waistcoats to give the venue a borderline psychedelic experience. The heavy bass that was laid down, in addition to the electronica synth provided by the band’s keyboardist, combined perfectly as a basis for the bands surreal lyrics. Lead singer Igor Delgado Martin’s involvement with the crowd was also a pleasant surprise, as he walked into in the middle of intricate guitar solos, much to everyone’s enjoyment.

The University of Liverpool’s 2017 Battle of the Bands Winners Silhouette Empire were the next band to take to the stage. The atmospheric rock five-piece promised the debut of new songs since their win in the Cavern Club in March, and so many of the audience were eagerly anticipated. After apologising for their absence in the summer, mainly due to members living in areas ranging from the Isle of Wight to Birmingham, the band kicked into their setlist, comprised mainly of six-minute hard-hitting rock anthems. The audience was certainly hooked as they pushed forward to the stage, gripped by the band’s talented musicianship and lead singer Ryan’s impressive vocal range. A particular highlight of their performance was when Ryan and lead guitarist James performed an emotional ballad entitled Red, a song that almost half the audience were singing along to by the second chorus despite it being its live debut.

Lastly, four-piece rockers Swearwolves closed the night with a setlist comprised of hard rock riffs and absorbing lyrics. Headed by two brothers, Oli and Patrick Cummins, the band clearly love playing music and it showed in their capable stage performance. The audience certainly seemed gripped by their artful way of building songs up to powerful choruses, as displayed with the slow, simmering riff of I Wanna Be Your God which lead perfectly to the chorus.

Overall, it was a quality night that demonstrated the skills of some of Liverpool’s best, and I would recommend the 27 Club to anyone who wants to support and experience local talent that is always improving.

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