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Student Officer Elections- Meet the Candidates: Sean Turner

Sean is the current President of the Guild and is running for re-election. In a second term he would hope to improve Academic Advisors, implement a Society travel budget and create a rooftop bar on the Guild, as well as continuing all of his current initiatives.

How would you change the Guild if you were elected as a Student Officer?

Given that we won “Students’ Union of the Year” the Guild is clearly a great place to be already. It’s clear now though that it’s reaching capacity during peak times and so I’d begin a development plan which would include maximising usage of the Courtyard, Sphinx and Cellar as well as installing a rooftop bar.

What is your favourite guild campaign of the past?

My favourite campaign the Guild has run is our current NSS Boycott. It’s amazing to feel part of a coordinated national movement whilst having a broad local reach. It’s such an important message; the government need to hear student dissatisfaction. I’ve never known a Guild campaign to be so recognised across campus as this one.

What is your least favourite Guild campaign?

My least favourite Guild campaign?! Erm… the other 13 candidates’ election campaigns?

What has your experience of university been like?

I’ve had the time of my life so far at Uni, particularly in the past year doing this job. However there are clearly improvements to be made, particularly in Education and I’ve really enjoyed being a lead member of the Uni’s team implementing the new Education strategy. I want to use this to fix the Academic Adviser system, which will have many positive knock-on effects.

What’s more important, facts or feelings?


Sum up your campaign in three words.

Rooftop bar please.

Thanks, Sean.

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