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Student Officer Elections- Meet the Candidates: Noura Qusairy

Noura is a first year International Business student and another first-time candidate for Student Officer. Building on her experiences as a Course Rep, her policies include improvements to VITAL and to study resources as well creating better communication between international and home students.

How would you change the Guild if elected? 

I would improve rather than change – I would improve the communication and issues to do with the printing credit and the relationship with international students at the guild.

What is your favourite Guild Campaign of the past? 

I liked Ananda’s campaign on student housing. I supported that, it was really good.

What is your least favourite Guild Campaign of the past? 

Do I have to? I don’t think I have one!

What has your experience been like at University?

I am a first year student and I have been using the Guild all the time and my experience has been really good!

What is more important to you, facts or feelings?

I think both, but maybe feelings would be how people react. Both are really important but I can’t really say feelings over facts!

Sum up your campaign in three words.

Improve, Communication and International.

Thanks, Noura.

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