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Student Officer Elections- Meet the Candidates: Donald Turner

‘The’ Donald is running for a student officer position this year in the hopes of creating a better Guild experience. His focus is on a Guild ‘that works for you’- this involves the creation of officer surgeries around campus, a continued support of wellbeing and mental health work and reforms to the democratic process of the Guild.

How would you change the Guild if you were elected as a Student Officer?

I think I’d like to focus a bit more on kind of practical issues. I think a lot of other candidates are focusing on overarching themes- which is good, and I’d like to focus on some of those as well, like mental health, I’d continue to develop that- but I’d also like to look at practical measures. Such as reducing the cost of some of the Guild food options- I’d like to explore that more.


What would you say is your favourite Guild campaign of the past?

It would have to be the Guild burrito! Who doesn’t like the Guild burrito?


What would you say is your least favourite Guild campaign?

Ah, you’re just asking to make me enemies. Probably the price of said burritos.


What have your experiences been like at university?

I’m in my third year now, so I like to think I’ve got a more comprehensive experience. I think it’s been generally positive- it definitely helps picking the right degree subject, something you’re actually really interested in. Apart from that, societies and everything- trying to get involved in that as much as possible.


What’s more important to you, facts or feelings?

I’m definitely more of a facts person. If anyone’s into sci-fi, I would compare myself more to a Vulcan. More kind of logic and facts- that’s what you have to base your decisions off.


Sum up your campaign in three words.

Welfare, great and practical.

Thanks, Donald.

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