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Alison Lowery

Stay Lunar – ‘Brainshake’: A Review

Stay Lunar launch of their new debut single ‘Brainshake’. Coming in with a bang, ‘Brainshake’ is a driving, loud and energetic single about feeling lonely and how hard it is to imagine that your dream partner exists. While the topic appears rather melancholy the band spins it into something that doesn’t have to be a mournful track, but can take emotive topics and make them a fun bop that people can sing along to.

Stay Lunar are a five piece band formed in Swindon in 2018. Fronted by Harry Leigh on lead vocals and Guitar, a self-described “skinny, anxiety-ridden human who never thought his brain would allow him to venture into music”. Adding four other talented musicians in the form of Charlie Skeates on drums, James Rowland on bass, Tom Caton on synths and keys, and finally George Pending on lead guitar. As an ensemble the chemistry is evident in ‘Brainshake’, and is enhanced by the use of the synth by Caton.

Reminiscent of bands like Swim Deep and Ten Tonnes, Stay Lunar use the typical expectations of an indie band, but twist it to create a sound of light, youthful summers. The fusion of dreamy and funky sounds is a great addition to a band who fit into an indie genre, but adding a special element.

Leigh admits his lyrics are often thematically quite dark, but spinning them into dream-pop/indie songs is a way to relieve himself of the pessimism. This is definitely noticeable on a closer inspection of the lyrics to ‘Brainshake’. The catchy driving chorus is a credit to a fledgling band, “You are the only one // you’re the voice thats inside my head // you make my Brainshake // and turn me from blue to red”. A live performance would undoubtably get the movers moving.

‘Brainshake’ is released on the 5th of April 2019. The single is produced by the talented Ady Hall and Lee McCarthy of Sugar House, who are currently working with bands such as Larkins, Mint, Glass Caves, and have previously worked with Pale Waves and Viola Beach.

Following the release of ‘Brainshake’, Stay Lunar are gigging as much as possible. They are even supporting Liverpool’s own and much loved band SPINN at their Bristol show on the 29th of May. So if you get the chance try and watch these guys live, I’m sure it will be a show full of energy and style.

Stay lunar are ones to keep an eye on, as they will no doubt reach higher highs as they establish themselves on the indie scene.

You can find Stay Lunar on Instagram @styalunar, Twitter @styalunar and on Spotify here.

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