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St Mark Universal Copts Care: Charity Concert

Who are they?

St Mark Universal Copts Care are a charity who work in the Middle East trying to eradicate poverty by providing sources for education, housing, food, water and health care. The charity also provide counsellors to support those who have been affected by sexual abuse and provide a home, safety and comfort for those who have been left living in orphanages.

Why do they do it?

The current climate in Egypt means that people are either very rich and can provide for themselves and their family or are instead very poor and receive no support. This is where St Mark Universal Copts Care step in to help. The charity was set up following recent terror attacks in Egypt and gives support and services in a wide range of areas, including sexual abuse, orphanages and medical services across the country and the wider Middle East. They provide services for those who cannot afford the basic, everyday essentials we often take for granted.

What do they do?

St Mark Universal Copts Care cover many areas, all of which are in desperate need of backing in the Middle East. They distribute medication to those who need it and support healthcare projects in the hospitals in places like Egypt and Sudan, by helping to give medical and nurses training and funding. One of their current projects – the ‘Se7aty Project’ – aims to develop 4 international hospitals and 3 medical centres, estimated to help around 25 million people.

As well as offering medical assistance, they also provide a safe place for orphans to live and ensure they have the provisions they need and pay for tuition fees – to give as many young people as possible an education. The charity also helps to support and assist those who have been a victim of sexual assault and abuse by providing the services necessary and ensuring access for anyone who needs to use them.

How can you help?

You can support the charity by coming to a Charity Concert in Mountford Hall on Friday 20th April at 7pm! It’s a chance to dress up and come and listen to some authentic Egyptian music and understand more about the culture and charity and also see performances from musicians and singers in the Guild, featuring the music of The Greatest Showman, Sister Act and much, much more… Even if all you can donate is 20p, it will do so much! This concert is just as much about raising awareness as it is about raising money.

Alternatively, you can go to their website and find out ways of supporting them and the projects they are currently running.

Tickets for the concert can be bought here:

Or have a look at the Facebook event here to find out more:

The charity’s website can be found here:

Cover Image credits to St Mark Universal Copts Care

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