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St Helen’s Theatre Royal: An Interview with Georgina Parkinson as ‘Wendy’

As soon as she walked in, it was clear that the bubbly and smiley Georgina Parkinson is the person kind and gentle ‘Wendy’ for Theatre Royal’s ‘Peter Pan’ panto!

Have you ever done a panto before?

Yes, so I did the Easter panto here and I played Cinderella. I was so pleased when they asked me back because it was so lovely and everyone, cast and crew, are all lovely, so I was really pleased.

What was your best moment playing Cinderella then?

So we had Lee, from Steps, playing Prince Charming and I was the biggest Steps fan, so when it got to the Steps medley at the end, I got to do THE Steps moves with THE LEE from Steps! It was such a highlight! I loved that, it was so good!

Is panto ever something you envisioned yourself doing?

I did do pantos when I was a little girl at The Lowry when they used to do panto and I’ve always loved them. I did my first audition and I really enjoyed. I think I’ll always want to do one. I feel like if I didn’t get a panto at Christmas I might cry! It really is part of my magic in Christmas now.

If you had a fairy godmother, what would your one wish be?

I’ve really got to think about this and make it good! It’s going to make you really cringe, but for all loved ones to be happy and healthy. All good people deserve good things.

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

I love the run up to Christmas – the First of December, putting the Christmas tree up, family get togethers, Christmas Eve – really cosy things. Oh, and mince pies! There’re some mince pies in the back, have you seen! You can smell it as you walk in! You walk in and it’s like “Christmas!” It’s so good!

Who’s your favourite panto villain and panto hero?

I’m intrigued to see Louis as Captain Hook – I think that will be good! Everyone loves the ugly sisters as, well don’t they?! Panto hero? Peter Pan, obviously! I have to say that!

Panto is such a magical part of Christmas; how do you plan on keeping the magic alive in Peter Pan?

To always be happy! As soon as you step onto the stage you step into a different world, you step into Christmas. When the kids are there and they’re so excited that just bounces off you and your energy already.

Are you excited for the music and dance and costume then?

That’s why pantos are so great because it’s all your favourite music, all rolled into one. It’s a musical but with the best bits! I’m really looking forward to it! I’m looking forward to seeing Kristina [Rhianoff] dancing in rehearsals and maybe pick up a few tips! That’s the only style I’ve never done – Ballroom and Latin – so I’ll definitely be watching!

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