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SOUND CITY 2017: An Interview with The Vryll Society

Following their set at day 2 of Sound City, we found ourselves backstage with Liverpool five-piece The Vryll Society, chatting about bassists, dream support slots and people being ‘affected’ by their music…

Chloe: How did your set go?

Michael: It was boss!

Ryan: Spot on like!

Michael: Yeah, it was really good.

Chloe: I saw you guys supporting The Kooks a few weeks ago, how did today compare to that?

Michael: I think people got it a bit more today, at The Kooks there was a lot of young people. There was a lot of young people in the crowd today, but I think they were a bit more affected.

Chloe: Are you gonna stick around for the rest of the day and see some bands?

Michael: Yeah, I think we’re gonna stick around until the bevvies run out!

Lloyd: We haven’t really got a plan of who we’re gonna see.

Ryan: My mum and dad are into this band called Chk Chk Chk, they’re on in a bit.

Lloyd: Chk Chk what?

Ryan: Chk Chk Chk, I think it’s called. My dad’s buzzing off them at the moment, so I’ll probably go and watch them.

Chloe: Are you playing any other festivals this summer?

Benjamin: We’ve got what T in the Park is now.

Michael: TRNSMT!

Ryan: And what’s that Leeds one? Welcome to the North!

Michael: We’re not doing loads of festivals because we’re working on the album, so we’re taking a step back.

Chloe: What’s the best and worst thing about playing festivals?

Lloyd: Right, I’ll tell you what the worst thing is. The noise of like five different songs playing at once! Sort of when you can hear all the different noises at once.

Benjamin: The toilets are really bad as well!

Ryan: I don’t mind, I think the ones today have been alright!

Benjamin: Not after someone’s just laid a heavy one in there!

Ryan: Don’t go in there then! Hold it in!

Chloe: What’s your favourite song to play live?

Michael: Mine’s Shadow of a Wave.

Ryan: Yeah, I’ll take that, Shadow of a Wave.

Benjamin: Mine’s Air.

Lloyd: I like Faces, you know.

Benjamin: I quite like Faces as well. Shall we have a group decision on Faces, yeah? 

Ryan: Lewis is staying silent in this debate!

Lewis: I just like them all, you know?

Liv: If you could tour with anybody, who would you tour with?

Benjamin: Who’s out now or from the past?

Liv: Anything!

Benjamin: Well, Beatles, innit?

Michael: No, The Sex Pistols would be funny!

Lloyd: It’d be a bit trippy, wouldn’t it?

Ryan: Erm… Floyd.

Lloyd: Floyd! 

Ryan: Then you get to go to Pompeii, don’t you?

Michael: N.W.A. would be good!

Benjamin: Yeah, N.W.A., that’s the answer!

Liv: If you could swap places with anybody else in the band, who would it be?

Michael: I’d like to play bass!

Ryan: I’d also like to play bass!

Lloyd: I’ll swap with myself as well, just have everyone playing bass!

Michael: Like Spinal Tap!

Ryan: The Bass Society!

Chloe: So you’d just be a band of bassists?

Michael: Yeah, like seven of us!

Chloe: If you could all be an animal, which animal would you be?

Michael: Owl.

Benjamin: Octopus.

Ryan: We have this conversation all the time!

Lloyd: I’d be a giraffe because I’m head and shoulders above everyone else!

Ryan: I’d be a lion so I could eat Lloyd!

The Vryll Society currently have a summer residency at Liverpool’s very own The Magnet, playing shows on 25/08/17 and 29/09/17. You can grab tickets for the shows here, and follow the band on Twitter here.

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