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SOUND CITY 2017: An Interview with The Hunna

After a long day of dust, wind, pizza and big big tunes, Jess and I found ourselves in the Soundcloud tent with Ryan, Dan, Jermaine and Jack, aka Hertfordshire rock band The Hunna. We asked them some questions – before they turned the tables and started asking us questions instead!

Jess: How did your set go?

Ryan: It was crazy with the dust, and we didn’t get a sound check, so we just had to go on and see what happened, but it was cool! It was good to be back in Liverpool, good to see some of the fans again – we had a good time!

Chloe: It was the first time we’ve ever seen you guys play live, and we thought you were amazing!

Ryan: We’re normally even better than that, so next time we play Liverpool, you should come along!

Chloe: Have you managed to see much of the rest of the festival?

Ryan: Literally, I have just been out there talking to some fans when Slaves started.

Dan: We only got here an hour before we played, so we haven’t seen much yet. We love Slaves though, they’re cool man.

Ryan: We’re playing Community Festival with them, they’re a really cool band.

Jess: What would you say is your favourite song to perform live?

Ryan: She’s Casual for us is always a massive one, and we all love playing Bad For You.

Jack: Today I liked Rock My Way.

Ryan: Rock My Way‘s always a good one.

Dan: It does change.

Ryan: Bonfire is always a big one as well, Alive, Piece By Piece… and Never Enough as well.

Chloe: So pretty much the whole album?

Ryan: They’re just all so good!

Chloe: What’s the best and the worst thing about playing festivals?

Dan: Ooh, the rush is the worst.

Ryan: The worst thing about playing festivals… two worst things, the rush, f*****g goes too quick!

Dan: There’s no time to get ready or anything.

Ryan: Yeah, and you can’t always get a soundcheck. And also, in times like this, dust!

Jack: But the best thing is the party vibe.

Ryan: Yeah, when you’re done you can just get f****d! And meeting loads of new people.

Jack: It brings artists together.

Ryan: Or sets them apart!

Dan: We were just talking to Carl Barat, he’s a really funny guy. Everyone’s really nice, normally we get a lot of s**t from other artists.

Jermaine: It’s good to see other artists that you’ve always wanted to see but you’ve never had chance to.

Ryan: At Reading & Leeds we met You Me At Six for the first time, they really like us, and they’re really nice.

Dan: They wanted us to go on tour with them, but we couldn’t at the time, but Ryan’s really tight with [YMAS frontman] Josh, so who knows in the future?

Ryan: Fingers crossed.

Jess: Other than Sound City and Community, are you playing any other festivals this summer?

Dan: We have Reading & Leeds. 

Ryan: We’re headlining the Festival Republic Stage at Reading & Leeds, which is gonna be sick, so we’re really looking forward to that.

Jermaine: We’re playing Madrid in just over a week’s time.

Ryan: In between Reading & Leeds we’ve also got a festival in Portsmouth [Victorious Festival]. We’ve been there a couple times before, and there’s a really cool line up, loads of bands that we really wanna see. It’s gonna be good, it’s gonna be a good summer. We’re doing lots of stuff for the second album too.

Dan: It’s kind of like a good time for us to have a little break; we’re still working but we’re doing a lot of behind the scenes stuff, shooting videos for the next album, and getting it all ready.

Ryan: Make sure the second album’s good enough so that we don’t die!

Dan: When it’s good enough next year is gonna be like campaign two, for album two, which is gonna be really exciting.

Ryan: Hunnamania will continue!

Chloe: If you could all swap places with someone else in The Hunna, who would you swap places with?

Dan: I’m gonna say Jack!

Ryan: All of us!

Dan: We all love to air drum, so it would have to be Jack.

Jack: They all jump on the kit, like if I’m not there, I’ll come back in and one of them is on the drums! I’d have to go with lead guitar [Dan].

Jess: If you could tour with anyone, who would it be?

Ryan: Oh, there’s so many people.

Dan: There is a lot.

Ryan: Drake, Wiz, You Me At Six, Kings of Leon…

Jack: The Killers!

Dan: Biffy!

Ryan: The 1975…

Jess: This just sounds like a really good festival line-up now!

Ryan: Yeah, we could call it… What could we call it? We could call it, like, ‘One Hunna’ or something.

Jermaine: ‘Hunna-fest’?

Ryan: What would you call our festival?

Chloe: ‘From Zero To The Hunna’?

Ryan: That’s good!

Chloe: That’s my favourite pun! If you guys were each an animal, what animal would you be?

Ryan: Weirdly, we actually already know our animals! I would be a lion.

Dan: [To Jack] I don’t know yours! Oh yeah, a shark!

Jess: Why would you be a shark?

Jack: I’m fascinated by sharks. Shark movies… I actually wanted to be a marine biologist when I was younger.

Ryan: What kind of shark would you be? Would you be a hammerhead, would you be a f*****g great white…

Jack: You’d have to be the great white, wouldn’t you? You’d have to be.

Dan: Or a tiger shark.

Jack: Or a dog shark!

Jermaine: I’d be an eagle. You’d get such a good view of everything.

Chloe: I feel like if I was an animal I’d want to be an animal that flies.

Jermaine: You’d never need to use Google Maps either.

Dan: I’m a bear.

Ryan: Dan’s a bear, he’s a big mountain bear.

Jack: Or a giraffe.

Dan: A grizzly bear! I wanna be a bear…

Jack: But you look like a giraffe.

Chloe: That’s all of our questions!

Ryan: I’ve got a question for you: What’s your best interview been of the day?

Chloe: You’re our first interview of the day!

Ryan: Wheeeeeeey!

Dan: What animal would you be?

Chloe: See, I always ask this question and I’ve never really thought about it myself! I think I’d quite like to be a dolphin.

Jess: You’d either want to go for something that lives in the sea or something that can fly. You wouldn’t wanna be a sloth because they just sit there!

Jack: Sloths are amazing!

Dan: I’d love a pet sloth!

Chloe: They just sleep all day!

Jess: A uni student basically is a sloth! I’d be a sloth.

Jack: What are your two favourite bands? If you had to pick two…

Chloe: The 1975!

Jess: I’m in love with Bombay Bicycle Club! *cue The Hunna getting super excited and basically outing themselves as Bombay Bicycle Club fangirls*

Ryan: When we found out Bombay were finishing we were so upset!

Jess: Have you heard Jack Steadman’s solo stuff Mr Jukes?

Ryan: We found Jack Steadman’s Soundcloud, did you know he’s got Soundcloud?

Jack: He’s deleted it now, but it’s on YouTube.

Ryan: We found them ages ago, and we were like ‘Sick!’ and we always thought he was gonna go and do his own thing. His new thing, Mr Jukes, is sick.

Jess: I like bands that remix their own stuff, so like Jack remixed a load of Bombay Bicycle Club stuff, and Jamie xx remixed a lot of The xx’s stuff…

Dan: Jack Steadman remixed Dog Is Dead, and that’s how we found out about Dog Is Dead, and we met them when we played Rock City in Nottingham, and he was the DJ at the after party! I lost my s**t – I was fangirling and I didn’t even realise.

Jack: I love Dog Is Dead, man. And Bombay, Bombay are the ones. We saw them so many times, at Glasto, when Jermaine was on my shoulders, and we were on TV, that was amazing! Where else? We saw them at Ally Pally, we saw them a lot, Manchester, we saw them all over the place.

Jess: I saw them in Manchester! Where did you see them?

Ryan: At the Academy.

Jess: I was there! With Peace supporting!

Dan: Are they still together?

Chloe: Yeah, they’re coming back!

Dan: I rate Peace a lot.

Chloe: They’re amazing, and they’re from where I’m from!

Jack: Bristol?

Chloe: Birmingham!

Jack: Birmingham! I knew it was a B!

Jess (in an attempt to turn the interview back into an actual interview, rather than a chat with The Hunna about our favourite bands): When did you guys first get together as a band?

Ryan: I met Dan when we were about 15/16 at college in Watford, and we were in different bands and then we came together and started a band at college. Jermaine’s known Dan since Year 2 at school, so then I met Jermaine when we were like 17? And then we met Jack probably about 2 years ago.

Jack: I fell in love with these guys about 2 years ago, all of them, simultaneously! I met the guys through our hometown.

Dan: We’re all from the same town.

Jack: I’d just jumped out of a band, and they’d kind of had drummers who just weren’t committed, so I kind of slotted in because I’d just left music college and wanted to do it for real. I met Jermaine through the guys, asked Jermaine to play bass and that was it, we were set! His first ever show was with us at Barfly, with Coasts. We love Coasts.

Dan: Jermaine’s first ever show was a sold-out show!

Ryan: That was the show that after that, things really started happening for us.

Jack: We kind of took a step back for two years and came up with the ‘Hunna’ name, wrote some new material, and just got ready, really.

Jess: Where did the name come from?

Dan: We were f****d in Bath weren’t we? In Tesco!

Ryan: It was the day after a house party but we were all still really f****d, and we all said ‘one hunna’ to each other about a lot of s**t, like ‘that girl’s one hunna’ or ‘that party was one hunna’ or whatever, and one of you two said it…

Jermaine: I think we all just kind of decided together.

Jack: We were like ‘What about “the”?’ and we didn’t want to use ‘the’ because so many bands use it, but then it just made sense. So many people get mixed up and say ‘the hoona’!

Dan: In Germany they say ‘the hoona’!

Jess: If that name was taken what d’you think you would call yourselves?

Ryan: Before we were called The Hunna, we thought about calling ourselves ‘Arizona’ or ‘Layos’.

Jack: I quite like the band name ‘Herbal’. Because we love our herbs!

The Hunna’s debut album is available to listen to here, and you can follow them on Twitter here.

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