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SOUND CITY 2017: An Interview with Red Rum Club

Image courtesy of Ellipsis Music Team

During the calm before the storm that was Liverpool Sound City Day 2, me and Chloe (aka the future Ellipsis music editorial team!) made our way backstage of the Atlantic Stage to chat to Red Rum Club about festivals, animals, and what they have planned for the summer.

Jess: Are you excited to play Sound Ciy?

Tom: Yeah, definitely. We played last year on the Cavern stage and it was a great turnout, so it’s good to take the next step and go up a stage.

Jess: Are you excited to see anyone else play today?

Fran: There’s loads today, it’s gonna be hard to pick one but I think the main one is The Kooks.

Tom: There’s a few on The Baltic Stage, Vryll Society

Fran: Yeah, Paris Youth Foundation. White Lies– they’re well worth it.

Jess: There’s a lot of good people on today! Its going to be a lot busier. Do you both have favourite songs to play live?

Fran: I think it’s the most recent that you’ve written or the newest ones because they’re fresh and new. Like the songs we’ve been playing for a year you can play with your eyes closed.

Tom: Or the opening song maybe, just to get into it and to settle down into the stage, especially with such a big stage you need to find your feet with it before you start going mad.

Fran: We still haven’t decided on the set, there’s three or four songs bouncing around, where we haven’t decided where they go. It’s all a learning curve, you do learn- we played yesterday two festivals and tried different things then.

Tom: We will get there, will sort the set out.

Chloe: What would you say the best and worst things about playing festivals are?

Tom: The best, I think is seeing new bands after you’ve played. Like you’ll go see a band, who you’ve never really listened to, just because they’re on. Which you wouldn’t really do, especially nowadays. Worst?

Fran: Waiting round, if you’re not sound checking you’ve got to be there early. Everyone’s got to do their job and once you’ve done your job you’ve got to move and wait for everyone else to finish. I suppose it’s not too bad, that’s what the foods for in the end.

Jess: Are you playing any other festivals in the summer? I saw you guys at FestEvol Gardens recently, that was really good.

Fran: Really, thank you. We’ve got a few lined up, I don’t know if they’re confirmed yet. There’s Tramlines in Sheffield.

Tom: And a few that are still in talk. We’ve been working with This Feeling who do good club nights, they’re doing Isle of Wight and Reading and Leeds.

 Jess: They’re really good, they have a good few bands on there.

Chloe: If you could swap places with anybody else in the band, who would it be? 

Tom: The bass player, he doesn’t do anything.

Fran: I’d say the trumpet player cos it’s a stand out. Apart from being the lead singer I think he gets the glory. And he gets a solo!

Tom: And he’s got a great head of hair on him.

Jess: Who would your dream tour collaboration be?

Fran: It would have to be someone who goes quite hard, like you could have a bev with. Its gotta be the Gallagher’s, one of them. A working class lad band.

Tom: You know who look like a laugh? Fat White Family. They could support us.

Fran: I think they could be too mad for us though.

Tom: Yeah they’d have to chill.

Chloe: If you could run your own festival, what would you call it and who would the line-up be? 

Fran: The Club, like the band’s name, and what was the second part, who would headline?

Jess: who would you have on the festival?

Fran: Tame Impala

Tom: Beyoncé

Fran: Temples

Tom: Bit of a wide variety to be honest.

Fran: We’d just have everyone, there’s loads.

Tom: To top it off, put on Rammstein with all the metal. Have a metal stage

Fran: You’ve got to have Stormzy haven’t ya?

Chloe: Something for everyone that is.

Tom: Stormzy would come out with us, spit some fire.

Fran: Tame Impala you’d have them in the day. You wouldn’t have them headlining, but just as its getting dark.

Tom: Then you’d have Kasabian come on after them.

Fran: Can have a two-step to Tame Impala, then have a lie down and then have a jump to Kasabian

Jess: What bands are you both listening to at the moment?

 Tom: Temples

Fran: Bowie as well

Tom: Yeah I’m into Bowie as well. I like a lot of older stuff to be honest. I like quite a lot of 80s pop stuff, you should see my Spotify searches, it’s weird. It goes from Cyndi Lauper to Metallica to West Side Story Soundtrack.

Jess: It’s good to keep it varied! 

Tom: Sucker for a musical!

Fran: Grease?

Tom: Yeah Grease, well we all dress like Grease so we might as well.

Chloe: If you guys could be an animal what would you be? And everyone else in the band as well, because I like it when people choose animals for other people!

Fran: Yes, this is a good thing, me and Tom are cousins and we used to do this when we were kids and name everyone in the family. People would get quite touchy about it but let’s not spare any emotions here. Joe the trumpet player would be a koala bear- cute and cuddly. Mike would be a bulldog I reckon.

Tom: Si would be some sort of reptilian.

Fran: Yes, Si would be a lizard of some sort.

Tom: Yeah like have you’ve seen Monsters Inc? he’d be Randall. He’s very amphibious.

Fran: Neil’s like a honey bear. A Peruvian honey bear.

Fran: Tom would be a sloth or a bird of prey.

Tom: Like Pidgeotto- can we have fictional?

Chloe: Yeah!

Fran: I’ll go Pidgeotto for you then.

Jess: That’s my favourite out of everyone we’ve spoke to!

Tom: Fran would be a weasel.

Fran: I used to get called ‘Weasel’ and cry about it!

Tom: I got ‘Hamster’, in year 7 before I got the brace these two teeth were massive, and I had dead chubby cheeks. So I’m a mixture between a hamster and a Pidgeotto, one of them new Pokémon.

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