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SOUND CITY 2017: An Interview with Marvin Powell

Marvin Powell playing Sofar Liverpool last month : Photo courtesy of Sofar Sounds

Following his set on the Cavern Stage at Liverpool’s Sound City festival, I caught up with the extremely talented Marvin Powell. 

Cecily for Ellipsis: So how does it feel to be playing Sound City?

Marvin Powell: Good! Well this is my third show today, so I’m pretty tired. But good, yeah, it’s nice!

You’ve just finished your set, so who are you looking forward to seeing perform today?

I have to be biased and say She Drew The Gun, because she’s on the same record label as me. And she’s amazing as well; she’s a good songwriter.

She is! And we saw you play a Sofar Sounds show last month,

Ah yeah!

So how does playing festivals compare to something as intimate as Sofar?

I prefer doing small things, I think. I prefer the intimate scenes, because I think the songs come across better, if you know what I mean, compared to playing on a stage, where everyone’s scattered around. You get a lot of people in one small place and it’s good! So yeah, I prefer doing the smaller gigs.

And who would you say your musical influences are?

Ah there’s so many! In terms of song writing, I’d have to say Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, those kind of people.

Fab! So leading on from that, if you were to put on your own festival, what would it be called and who would you have on the line up?

Ahhh, I’ve been asked this question before!

It’s a tricky one!

Yeah I couldn’t answer it; it’s too hard! I don’t know if I can answer that question. You know why? There’s just so many people that I’d want to put on, probably who are dead now as well. So I don’t know. What would I call it? I don’t know! I can’t answer that. I’m really sorry, I’m never lost for words either, but I am for that question!

That’s fair enough! It’s definitely a difficult question; I’m not sure what I’d say either. So what does the rest of 2017 have in store for you?

Quite a lot hopefully! We’re putting out the next EP, which is another four tracks, with a single called Wind Before the Train. Other than that, I’m going to just carry on gigging. Carry on ticking over.

Have you got any particular places you want to do a show?

It’d be nice to play a few more festivals this summer, that’d be good. Get out of Liverpool a bit more, play a few different places.


Maybe tour with another band too.

Who would you like to tour with?

I did a tour with She Drew The Gun and that was good. But anyone who’ll have me!

Aw, we’re sure lots of people would! But, finally, if you were a type of pudding, what would you be and why?

Oooh, that’s a really good question! Did you write these questions? That’s a really good question! Something nutty because I’m a bit crazy. If I was a pudding what would I be? Something fruity and something nutty.

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