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Social Contract and Marsicans @ The Magnet

Birmingham band JAWS may have made a massive impression with their electric set at Liverpool’s The Magnet, which can be read here, but by bringing two stellar support acts along with them for the ride it was impossible for me not to write a separate review on them.

The first support act came in the form of South London band Social Contract. With their lead singer dressed completely head to toe in white with a bright orange guitar, they were certainly there to make an impression and stand out. For me, their set was a breath of fresh air from the usual support acts I’ve seen, and when racking my brain to try and compare their sound to other band I found myself stumped. Bringing almost never ending guitar solos and echoing vocals to the small underground room, each song seemed to lead straight into the next (apart from when taking a moment to dedicate a track to ‘the guy on the M6 that tried to batter us’). Citizen, the bands first single (which you can listen to here) stood out too me due to the pure rawness of the vocals, and the way the song grows and changes. With a solid stage presence and confidence that screams experienced, all despite only playing their first gig back in April, Social Contract are for sure a band to have on your radar for 2018.

Up next were upbeat and excitable four piece Marsicans, whose catchy tunes and harmonies drew cheers from the crowd. Like Social Contract, it was their first night on the JAWS tour, something you would not have guessed from their slick and faultless performance. With similar indie pop vibes to bands like The Magic Gang and Eliza and The Bear, the group’s feelgood vibes were easily enough to get anyone smiling. Each song saw the band take on a different style whilst also keeping it completely their own. Whether it was the upbeat love song Too Good, the slow and beautiful ballad Wake Up Freya, or fast paced indie pop and electro Swimming, Marsicans continued to pull it out of the bag and keep the audience on their toes.


JAWS’ headline set can be read all about here!

Follow both bands on twitter to keep in the loop of when they’re be around next, because trust me you won’t want to miss it! 



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