Skindred @ O2 Academy Liverpool – 15th December 2018

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Shortly after my interview with Benji, frontman of Skindred, I returned to the venue to see the show that he had praised so highly, and believe me, it did not disappoint. I have seen the band before, but this was another level, the crowd were off the wall, moshing to every song, using every grain of energy they could muster. As always, the band enter to a remix of John William’s Empire theme from Star Wars before plunging straight in to the title track of the new album ‘Big Tings’ before returning to a few back-to-back classics from older records like ‘Selector’ and ‘Ratrace’, a personal highlight. As always, humour reigns free throughout the gig with a Slade interlude during ‘Ratrace’ to get everyone in the singing and Christmas mood – this proceeded by a scream of “bounce you scouse b*******!” really got one in the mood.

Returning to a couple of songs off the new album such as ‘That’s My Jam’ and ‘Machine’, the latter a song they showcased in a few festival appearances in 2017 so this one was more familiar to fans. Benji joked about giving a free t-shirt out to the audience before swiftly telling everyone exactly where to go before challenging a random fan to eat one of the dressing room sandwiches in 30 seconds. Needless to say, the contestant failed, and everyone called them out on it for a bit of amusement.

As always, the crowd participation was excellent and with it being a Saturday, everyone got a bit drunk and was very much in the mood! After a slow song dedicated to a great friend of the band, they did ‘Nobody’; possibly their biggest song before going off stage before the encore, returning to a pre-recorded entrance introducing every member of the band rather comically. Returning to the stage to finish with ‘Warning’ with Laila Khan of Sonic Boom Six as guest vocalist and doing the original justice! With the last bows and thank you’s, Skindred can hold their heads high as once again, they brought it, to absolutely no surprise to the fans. Or the band for that matter.

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