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Santa Maluco’s Sunday Slice Success

When Santa Maluco approached Ellipsis to see if we wanted to go and try their new Sunday Slice Pizza Challenge the answer was absolutely! As an avid pizza fan I headed down to see what this challenge entailed.

The scene of the challenge

The Scene of the Challenge

Santa Maluco has a rodizio menu which is an ‘all you can eat’ concept common in Brazil. The premise is simple- between 3 and 5pm on Sundays you pay a fixed price, pizza is served to you and you see how many slices you can eat, if you manage to eat a record amount you get your meal for free. Sounds simple right? There are a few rules however:

  • Crusts must be eaten
  • Condiments are prohibited
  • Only one slice to be eaten at a time (to stack is to sin)
  • There are no restrictions on liquid accompaniments
  • Maximum one hour on the rodizio
  • Competitors have the freedom to accept or pass on the slices being served
  • Tactical chunders will result in disqualification
  • Dessert pizzas are authorised options, however once you opt for sweet, reverting back to savoury slices is strictly forbidden

We were given a spinner to identify whether we wanted more pizza, a break, a swap to sweet pizza or wanted no more and off we went.
I’m not going to lie when we were told that the record was 17 we thought we might get close – we actually got nowhere near! I managed 5 slices and my friend 6. We then needed to go and lie down for a couple of hours due to being absolutely stuffed!

A piece of sweet pizza was the end of my challenge

Sweet Pizza to finish

Although there are other places in town where you may be able to try different slices of pizza I doubt any are as tasty as the ones we tried. My favourite was the Green House – Aubergine, courgettes, peppers, spinach, tomatoes and goats cheese which made a really satisfying veggie alternative. My friend loved What The Duck- smoked duck, spring onion, cucumber and char sui which I have to agree was really special!

The menu also has some unusual combinations – mac and cheese pizza anyone? We tried one called Return of the Mac which tasted just like a Big Mac but on a pizza, right down to the big mac sauce they seem to have perfected!

You may have heard of Santa Maluco as a bar and is well known for its cocktails and five dollar shakes- boozy milkshakes with vodka and Chambord! We couldn’t manage one whilst doing the challenge (less room for pizza) but there were other people having them and they looked incredible!

Mmm pizza

mmm pizza 

Overall we had such a nice evening- the pizza was so tasty and really different to your normal flavours. As well as this we both agreed that it was a great activity and the fact that it was a challenge really added fun to the meal!
Whilst this time we were no where near breaking the record we will definitely be back to try again!

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