Zena Al Maskari

Review of LUDS’s Animal Farm

What is unique art without its own flavour? We, the audience, want to taste something unique from the artists’ recipe books. Viewing any product of art, be it a painting, a musical recital, or a dramatic act, I want to be moved by the artists involved. I want to be able to appreciate the energy invested into the art, to feel inspired with feelings conveyed by the artists.

Animal Farm did not disappoint. There was a fantastic blend of talent, energy, and passion evident on stage. I love that the performance was based on a personal interpretation of the original work, which adds even more spice to the mix. As a Literature student, I also greatly appreciated the director and actors’ ability to clarifyingly convey the underlying meaning of Orwell’s original text. The emotions, the power of what was being said, was easily felt by the audience. Lighting, sound effects and costumes all vividly displayed the rather dark undertones of the original story’s plot.

Aside from a little line mix-up right at the start – which was hardly even noticeable as the narrator smoothly corrected herself (kudos to her for that) – the entire production went smoothly. If there were any other mistakes or errors, they went completely unnoticed. Right from start to finish the entire play was entertaining and a pleasure to watch.

I really have to applaud the actors for their outstanding performance: it is beyond me how they managed to do it, but sometimes I actually thought a real horse or pig would pop out on stage. The minimalism of the costumes only served to highlight the actors’ capabilities as they pranced around stage and really captured their characters’ nature (pun intended). On a side-note, but still relevant what with the explosion in the media, I have to point out that Napoleon the pig scarily reminded me of Donald Trump – in looks and character. I’m not sure if that was intentional, but the connection was a source of amusement for me while watching the production.

You could tell a huge amount of effort and organisation had been invested into this production, and it went above and beyond my expectations.

The cast and crew have really left an impression on me for their ability to produce great art: I will definitely be coming back for more!

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