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Review: Jacaranda Records – Phase One

Over the weekend of Friday 25th– Sunday 27th May, Jacaranda Records ran Phase One, the pop up version of what will eventually become their new bar and venue, with a record label and recording studio attached as well. This is a pop-up version to fundraise for the final venue and I was only able to attend the opening night of it, but I had a great time. It’s all in 40 Seel Street, and I wasn’t sure what to expect upon arrival, but it was a really nice place.

Courtesy of Ellie Roberts and Jacaranda Records

It’s quite a large venue, with a bar at one end and the stage at the other. There were records available for sale as well, with a wide range of genres and artists ranging from older tunes to recent releases. There was also – and this was probably my favourite thing about the venue – listening booths, which were small sheds each fitted with a vinyl player and microphone to listen to some of the records on. Probably the highlight of my night was sitting in one of these booths with some friends and some total strangers, singing along to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ at the top of our voices.

Image Courtesy of Ellie Roberts and Jacaranda Records

At times this got quite interesting, as throughout the night there were several bands playing. These were Liz Owen, The Jjohns, COLOUR, Monks, POLAR STATES, The Soul Rays and Bear Growls. All had their own different sound but they all helped create a good atmosphere, although they did make it a bit difficult to listen to any records inside the listening booths. Back outside in the main venue, there was a wide range of drinks on offer and my favourite was the cocktails. None of the ones on the menu were ones I’d seen anywhere else ever before and the ones I tasted were delicious, so I’d definitely like to try the rest of them. At the minute they don’t do food, but they’re planning on installing a kitchen and serving proper meals throughout the day. For this pop up, it was just the BBQ going on, which gave me a chance to explore the outside area. The venue has a large courtyard/beer garden outside with seating and this made a nice place to take a break from the noise of the music, and the burgers were amazing.

Overall I was very impressed with the venue and I could tell a lot of hard work has gone into it, a sentiment a lot of other people there on Friday shared. I only attended the first night, but I have no doubt that the second two nights were just as good as the first, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this progresses and visiting again, as well when the venue fully opens. This is definitely a place to watch.

All images courtesy of Ellie Roberts and Jacaranda Records

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