RATBOY @ Invisible Wind Factory

Described as the Salvador Dali of his generation, 22-year-old Jordan Cardy, better known as RATBOY embarks on his ‘Dumb and Confused’ tour with much anticipation after his debut album ‘SCUM’ released in 2017 and the announcement of his newest album INTERNATIONALLY UNKNOWN available next year. Performing at Liverpool’s Invisible Wind Factory on the 9thNovember, the Essex musician showcases his most eccentric and energetic songs to his cult-like (in the best way possible) fanbase.

When entering the unique looking venue for the first time, I noticed it has a particular DIY aesthetic to it including the placement of large turbines behind the stage, random scrap metal parts forming to make objects and a large make shift chandelier with Invisible Wind Factory surrounding it. My immediate thought to this was how perfect of a venue this was for RATBOY, being a musician who came to fame from a DIY background, from making his mixtape in his bedroom to him and his father creating the vehicles and sets for his music videos.

The support acts Grandson and Touts did a perfect job in hyping up the crowd both with a set of explosive and exciting punk songs that give the audience a brilliant expectation on what RATBOY’s performance will be like.

After seeing RATBOY perform a sold-out show at the O2 Academy Brixton earlier this year, it was odd to see that the young musician did not fill up this venue to the maximum capacity especially after marking his name and brand at very significant British festivals such as Reading Festival and Community Festival. Nevertheless, RATBOY managed to successful create an atmosphere so exciting and fun that it felt like thousands were partying along with him. RATBOY’s music, aesthetic and attitude appeals very much to a younger audience which can be seen with the attendees of this gig. The songs that he performed including ‘LAIDBACK’, ‘TURN ROUND M8’ and ‘FAKE ID’ all have very clear messages and stories to them that can be heavily relatable for his youthful audience. As RATBOY’s setlist of anthemic tunes spawned numerous mosh pits, dancing circles and singalongs amongst the crowd throughout the show there was never a dull moment. Despite having technical difficulties in some moments of the show, the crowd managed to keep the atmosphere lively by singing RATBOY’s songs as a collective back to him. A fair few of the singer’s new material was performed at this show, despite being extremely new songs to his fanbase, it was obvious to see how much this crowd love the new tracks by singing and screaming along to them giving the singer himself a shocked but pleasant reaction to how well this crowd knew the new songs including ‘INTERNATIONALLY UNKNOWN’ and ‘CHIP ON MY SHOULDER’.

RATBOY‘s next album ‘INTERNATIONALLY UNKNOWN’ is due to release on the 25th January 2019, meanwhile you can listen to his debut album ‘SCUM’ here: https://open.spotify.com/album/5IP7amRvQId7DHiiWkLeFH?si=DM-owRjISgKB-AgLfuzh9A


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