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Rainy Day Fund – ‘Gold’: A Review

With their debut single successfully under their belt, Rainy Day Fund are back with their latest single ‘Gold’. The four piece alt-indie boy band originate from Swindon and only having formed in 2017, they are set to make a splash on a thriving Indie scene.

The band is made up of Harry Leigh (vocals/guitar), James Rowland (bass), Nick Tucker (lead guitar) and Charlie Skeates (drums). While the band has performed up and down the UK, in big musical hubs like Manchester, Bristol and London they aim to take their sound further, and the next step is the ‘Gold’, released on Friday the 16th of November!

The single ‘Gold’ is a mixture of an effortless indie groove and deceptively emotive lyrics. Lead vocals and guitarist Harry Leigh describes the record as “a song of optimism, and striving for the best” after a relationship has ended. Typically songs about breakups either languish in grief of the lost relationship or turn bitterly angry, either way ‘Gold’ has broken from this cliché.

The single oozes that timeless indie sound fans of the genre know and love so well. Reminiscent of Viola Beach and The Kooks’ early sound, Rainy Day Fund’s dreampop quality makes ‘Gold’ an easy song to enjoy.

On the surface the lyrics to ‘Gold’ do not appear to be very abstract but they are loaded with emotion and sincerity. My favourite line in the song is “three seconds of a smile eats up all his time”, something so simple but relatable is the driving force behind the song.

Driven by a funky guitar riff and drums the opening notes of the single will have any listener tapping their feet. The riff is simple but catchy, and its presence is nicely complimented between the softer vocals of Leigh.

‘Gold’ is a song you can play no matter what you’re doing or feeling. I can imagine playing this live is a lot of fun, especially if the audience sing the lyrics back. Rainy Day Fund are ones to watch, and personally I’m looking forward to their first album and how they compile their sound as a whole.

Furthermore, if enjoying this new single isn’t enough, then fans of Rainy Day Fund can be anticipating the imminent arrival of synth player Tom Calton. This band is one to keep an eye on and the single is definitely worth a cheeky listen, especially if you need cheering up on a rainy day!

You can find Rainy Day Fund’s Spotify here!
They are also on Twitter and Instagram @rdfband
As well as Facebook @ rainydayfundUK


Image Credits: Close To Gold Management

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