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Rae Morris @ O2 Ritz Manchester

As one of her last shows for her new album Someone Out There, Rae Morris stopped off at the O2 Ritz in Manchester on the 5th of October to launch the Neighbourhood Festival commencing the next day.

With three support acts before her performance there was plenty of opportunity to get the crowd warmed up. The stand out support who appeared to be everyone’s favourite was Adam French. French performed heart wrenching songs with charismatic ease on stage. If you like artists such as Ben Howard or James Bay and you haven’t heard any of French’s work, you can give him a listen here!

The O2 Ritz in Manchester is a lovely venue to see a performance. At any point you never felt too far from the stage or disconnected from the artist. This added to a night, where everyone was in good spirits and ready to let their hair down to Morris’ set.

Delivering an energetic and infectious performance, Rae Morris set the tone perfectly for a Friday night, opening her set with the first track off her latest album, ‘Push Me to My Limit’. Though this is one of her mellower songs it was perfect as both the opening lines and the dark backlit stage was very atmospheric. Morris’ stage presence was glorious, she danced with abandon whilst vocally a mirror match to how she appears on record.

During her upbeat numbers like ‘Do It’, the crowd breaks into chorus singing and dancing with her (imagine Kate Bush to pop-synth style and you’ve got the moves down!). Morris strikes a balance between lyrics which narrate moments of anxiety, grievance and apprehension against high energy electro-pop with just the right amount of synth to add extra dimensions to the tracks.

A beautiful part of the night was when Morris talked to the audience about the story behind her track ‘Dancing with Character’. The song details the relationship between her best friends’ grandparents and the feeling of losing someone. Although the topic of death may appear as a sad and somewhat bleak subject to put to an electro-pop number, Morris take a different direction making it a celebration and beautifully romantic number. This movement away from her more lamenting piano-based album Unguarded in 2013 is an exciting and successful leap into new territory for Morris.


You can stream Rae Morris’ latest album Someone Out There on Spotify now.

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