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Quote of the Week- “The great thing about love…”

“The great thing about love is you always get a second chance. Remember that, you always get a second chance” – John Lennon


I was reminded of this quote on Valentine’s Day this year, and it really touched me. As aware as I am that events like Valentines Day are nothing but a corporate scheme designed to make people spend their money; and that all types of love should be celebrated every day of the year; and that a huge number of people who spend days like this together are unhappy anyway; and that I don’t need a relationship to complete me, I’m not ashamed to admit that I fall victim to Valentines Day blues almost every year. However, this quote may actually have saved that from happening this year, at least so far. The back story is moving and the sentiment is eternally relevant.

Upon meeting a heartbroken Paul Saltzman during The Beatles’ trip to Rishikesh in 1968, John Lennon asked for his story and his reply has been remembered by Saltzman ever since. For anyone else who will inevitably end up feeling sad on days like Valentine’s Day, just remember that you’re just waiting for your second chance, and that you will get one.

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