Ellie Roberts

Quote of the Week- The Two Means of Refuge

There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats – Albert Schweitzer

I love this quote because it describes me in the most concise way. It’s said that the best way to get to know somebody is through the art that they choose to align with, but let’s face it, sitting in a dimly lit room listening to a long playlist of somebody else’s favourite songs is a task that few of us actually manage to find time for. I try to engage with anything that friends recommend to me because it can really tell you a lot about them, often in ways that they’re unable to themselves, but I appreciate that it takes dedication to do so.

There are so many lyrics and quotes from books and movies, and pieces of art that I feel truly describe me in the best way but this quote pulls it all together and simplifies it. When everything else has been stripped away, music and cats are the two things that I don’t ever want to be without. There’s no need to go into deep detail about my favourite albums and how they changed my life, or cats that have had my heart, suffice to say that the people who know, know. The two seem go strangely but beautifully hand in hand, so this one is for music and cat lovers everywhere!

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